Show The Human Side Of Your Startup Via Social Media: Here’s How!


Have you been wondering why your social media posts aren’t getting as much traffic as you think they should? You’re not alone and typically it’s because startups who know that using social media is important are relying too much on the self-promotion aspect of using social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter.


In order to use social media outlets in the most effective manner, you have to remember to communicate the human side of your startup! While that takes concentrated effort and creativity, I’m confident that if you dig deep, you can begin to create meaningful and effective posts via your favorite social media outlets!


Don’t worry if you’ve got limited time each day to allocate towards your social media attack. With a little planning and creativity, you can take your social media posts to the next level by showing your loyal customers and fan base your humanity. Check out these top social media tips for startups:





Get In The Conversation

The great thing about social media is that users actually get to respond and ask questions regarding your posts! Well, if you haven’t already, you should prioritize answering and responding to posts by others. Even if you didn’t actually begin the conversation that doesn’t mean you can’t just jump in someone else’s conversation.


Get bold and be brave – Jump in and add your two cents!


Read And Share

Many times your posts are part of larger online conversations that other startups and individuals are having. Take some time to read similar posts and check out what others have to say about the similar topic. If it’s compelling, then by all means you should repost it or share it adding your thoughts on the original post.


This tactic allows you to also act as a curator or tastemaker, which at its best, really makes it look like you care about the topic as well as your startup. The more you share from others, the more likely your own customers are going to stay on your page and think about what you’re posting instead of searching elsewhere for relevant content.





Snap it And Post It

Have you thought about the visually oriented users for your posts? Sometimes snapping a pic with your phone tells a different story to your customers that words can’t quite capture. Show your customers your world, what you see, so that they can feel connected to what your startup is doing and what you guys are about!


Whatcha doin’?

Are you drinking an amazing tea this morning? Share that! An excellent way to get across to your user or customer base is to share something simple and great like what you’re drinking! People will respond, trust me. The aim is to share something about yourself as a person so your customers can get to know a little about you. It’ll make your startup seem that much more human and it’ll make it easier for your customers to relate to you and your brand!





Social media is an incredibly effective way to promote your startup, brand, and product but don’t forget that it’s an equally powerful way to promote who you are as a person. Let the human side of your social media strategy flow and you’ll quickly see yourself separating from the pack of boring product updates and news!


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