Social Media Tips – Why Your Startup Needs To Jump On Board The Social Media Bandwagon


I’ve discussed the importance of social media in person with small business owners who haven’t quite made the leap, believe it or not. If they actually have made the leap though, some entrepreneurs are simply at a loss as to how to approach leveraging social media to attract customers.


With this in mind, let’s take a look at some basic way social media tips for startups as well as the how and why behind the positive impact social media can have on sales.




Let’s Put First Things First

If you’ve not yet chosen one outlet to work with or you’ve chosen a few, why not just choose one to concentrate on? Choosing one will help you concentrate your efforts and in the long run it’ll help you learn what works best with that site. For example, Facebook just announced an enhancement to posts on its site that allow business to target not only gender and location, but also college, job, and status.


This new enhancement can better help you target your updates towards the demographics you think are at the top of your customer list.


Remember, it’s up to you to study and determine who exactly are your best customers and what they’re most likely interested in. Perhaps you still need to time to generate posts to see what kind of sales you make and what kind of feedback you get. Either way, pay special attention because this may influence what specific demographics you aim to attract.




Ok, What Else?

Also, pay attention to the timing of your posts. When are most of your responses to your posts being generated. When are your demographics online and interacting with your posts? These are details to pay attention to carefully.


If your just shoving your marketing message at your customer base, no matter how much of an expert you are, you’re not going to get anywhere unless you pay attention to their responses and their habits.


Where your expertise comes through is not only knowing your product and business, but through study of who your customers are. This, over time, will help place well directed posts (or Tweets) aimed at your customer base.




A Two-Way Street

Also remember that another benefit of social media engagement is the potential for a conversation with your customers. They read your offers and tips because they’re interested in your product. Now, you’re role is to share more information when they ask for it, provide advice, or answer any questions they pose. As these posts or Tweets are public, those not participating in the conversation will take note how you respond and your overall attitude towards other customers.


Of course, this could invite more interaction from their part and this shows a willingness and sense of customer valuable customer service that continues to be important. Typically, we’ve a better feeling overall when we buy from a company that provides a pleasant experience. It’s common sense that you don’t pay for something, even if the product is a good one, if you feel that you’re questions or concerns have been ignored.


Social media is the opportunity to engage with your customer base. Sometimes, they’ll be too timid to even began a conversation or ask a question. That’s your job. Now take responsibility and get posting!


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