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Enhance Your Startup’s Social Media Marketing On Facebook



Facebook has interested in helping business for some time now. Its first steps were allowing business to open their own pages where they could update photos of stock, send messages to their subscribers, and allow customers to interact with the page if desired.


Another important step was when Wildfire, which was recently bought by Google, built an app for Facebook which allowed business to run contests and sweepstakes making the process streamlined. Allthough the app was initially created as a side project of Access Trips founder Victoria Ransom, news quickly spread with Kayak and Zappos both integrating the app into their Facebook pages.



Facebook’s Post Targeting

In late July, Facebook began rolling out “Page Post Targeting Enhanced” which is a new feature that allows business to target their posts to specific demographics beyond age or gender, which has been available for some time.


The enhancement is potentially a very powerful tool for small businesses and startups.


Previously, businesses using this feature were only are able to direct their post at a specific set of demographics, so for example, the author of the post was able to change the language of the post depending on which country was reading it. In other words, a mobile app could announce a new app to a university age demographic with “totally slick new features in it for ya this time ‘round” while that same post would have read “wonderful new update available” to those 40 and older.




The Targeting Is Specific

How specific?  Well, now post authors are able to break down their targeting based on:

  1. Workplace
  2. University
  3. College Graduate : College Name, Major
  4. In College: College Name, Major, Years
  5. In High School
  6. Relationship
  7. Status
  8. Interested In


And all this in addition to the already available age, location, and gender as previously mentioned.



Customized Content

This new feature allows highly customizable content from the seller’s perspective. With this more accurate targeting, the chances that a user is going to visit the business page and take a few moments to check in and gauge interest should be much higher and this should mean more cash for business both large and small if done in a timely manner and correctly as well.


This is yet another reason to learn how to maximize and embrace social media for your branding and marketing, especially if you’re a small business startup. These new features in addition to schedule posts are powerful and should be regularly utilized by companies large and small alike.


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Author : Sam Melon

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