Everything You Should Know About The Smartphone Revolution

by Ivan Serrano





Just within the last five years, the smartphone has drastically changed the way people communicate, work, and shop online. We no longer have to depend on a landline to talk to customer service representatives nor do we need our desktop to make an online purchase. All we need is a mobile device that’s connected to the Internet.


As of 2014, there are four billion mobile device users and 25 percent of them use a smartphone. In fact, by 2015 it’s expected that more than half of mobile device users will own a smartphone. Talk about a revolution!


The reality is, smartphones have revolutionized the way people perform daily tasks and make purchases. According to the infographic below, 50 percent of smartphone shoppers use a GPS app to find retail locations. Additionally, 33 percent of smartphone users share their location with retailers when they check into their business.


Not only have smartphones help connect customers with retailers, but it has also improved the overall shopping experience for customers. From digital couponing to smartphone scanning, smartphones have made it easier to receive discounts on products and make quick purchases.


For businesses who are yet to implement smartphones into their customer service strategy, it’s time to start planning now. By 2015, it’s expected that mobile shopping via smartphones will account for $163 billion sales worldwide!


Need some ideas to adjust your current marketing and customer service strategies to stay ahead of the smartphone revolution? There are a few things you can do. First, create a mobile app for your business where your customers can download coupons and stay up to date on new products. It’s also a good idea to make it possible for your business to scan smartphones as a form of payment.


These are just a few of the smartphone trends business owners should be aware of and how they’ll influence the future of their business. If you’re curious about the impact of the smartphone revolution on your business and how you’ll need to adapt your business strategy, check out the infographic below:



Ivan Serrano is an infographic extraordinaire from the Golden Coast. He focuses on global business, social media and technology, but is really a jack of all trades. Connect with Ivan on Twitter @IvanSerrano55.



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