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Slammed My Head Into The Windshield Again (Yes Again)

I have been playing this internet start up game for 17 years now.  I guess I have spent over $15,000 so far on failed start ups. Yet this time I had it down pat.  I did my research, my keyword is searched on google 1,500,000 times a month.  One of the competitors claims 4,000,000 subscribers.  Solid niche right.



It is basically a business service, so I focus on LinkedIn to get my traffic.  At over 150,000,000 strong and growing LinkedIn has become a goldmine for seeking business connections (traffic) or at least that is what the gurus are saying.  I bought a couple books and programs on using LinkedIn.  Did my due diligence and decide to go with groups to get my word out.




Next instead of building my own landing pages I sign up for a company that specializes in landing page design and conversions with A/B testing and all the whistles.  I used one of there super tested, high converting templates.  I must say it does look good. ( I know looks don’t count, conversions do)


OK, on to the website.  I am using a membership site, since I have a monthly product.  I again buy a couple products,  join a couple membership sites on membership sites and pick the best of the best ideas.  Tweak my site for retention, add welcome video, welcome email to cover buyers remorse, and offer a $1 21 day trial  (no risk on buyers part).


Next, I didn’t move the free line, I threw it out the window.  The product is Book Summaries, yet with a twist.  The book summaries are 100% free, no op-tin nothing.  The traffic is pointed to a link that offers a text, video or audio download.  My competition charges on average $250 a year for their summaries.



I am giving the summaries away free to entice people to sign up for weekly live webinars, discussing the current week’s book for $27 a month.  The webinars are designed to re-inforce the ideas learned from the books and get the members to find at least 1 idea and put it into action.  The offer for the membership is below the free download links.  I even added in some pricing techniques from Dr. Robert Cialdini’s The Psychology of Persuasion.


Now, I know the key to getting group owners on LinkedIn to publish my post to their group is to make sure the content is full of value.  So I picked a book on LinkedIn as my first book summary.  I figure what could be more targeted to LinkedIn users than a book on LinedIn.



I even added the work Hack to my site name “Ultimate Brain Hack” as I have heard of several other companies with the word Hack in there name doing very well.


The LinkedIn groups I belong to and posted to, totaled about 2,000,000 members.  I sent out the post, and went to bed dreaming of all the $1 trial members I would have to my site when I woke up.


Two days later and BAM!!!! my head crashed into the window with total sales of 0, nothing, nada..


Man I thought I had it dialed in this time.  Did everything the experts said and then some,  highly targeted niche with a high value proposition.


As I crawled out of the burning ashes this morning I figured I would get up and try again, maybe I will write a post for KillerStartups.



Jeff Grundy is the Founder and Chief Book Reader and Discussion Starter at Ultimate Brain Hack Book Summaries. Living the life of a dreamer, a large portion of his time has been spent as a wanderer looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Alas, he is much slower than a Leprechaun so after living in 13 different states he has settled into the foothills of the Smokey Mountains and turned his searching to books.


Somewhere along the path he has owned four restaurants and a catering business but his fascination has always been learning and observing how others find their way along the path of life. You can find Jeff at


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