8 Best Practices For Sharing Your Video Content

What is your best tip for publicizing your brand’s video content?


Find Virgin Media

“New media platforms are a thing of the present but often a distant plan for content. I encourage my teams to test one new media platform per content beat. Fresh platforms have growing users, strong viral coefficients and are open to taking new, great content. Summly (before acquisition), Stipple and BuzzFeed all have relevant bases but are looking to capture new audiences with great new content.”





Share Your Brand While Sharing Other People’s Stories

“Your brand should create content that other blogs want to embed. Have a startup that makes shoes? Why not try to get a press credential to a red carpet event and ask the film stars on video about their shoes? I’m sure some fashion blogs would be interested in embedding your video. Don’t just tell your brand’s story; tell other people’s stories, too!”





Focus on the Viewer

“The best possible tip: Make something your viewers want to watch, then work your brand in later. Even thinking of it as “your brand’s video content” is dangerous. It should be content made for the viewer. Otherwise, your hope is that yours is of the quality of the .001 percent of commercials that people actually enjoy watching.”





Keep the Videos Short

andrew schrage“According to research by Visible Measures, more than half of viewers tune out from an online video roughly two minutes in. If you require more time, create a series of videos rather than a single lengthy video.”


ANDREW SCHRAGE, Money Crashers Personal Finance



Use More Than One Platform

“We have subscriptions to websites like Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube and others so that we can market to different audiences or have videos with different purposes. For example, a younger audience watches our YouTube videos, whereas parents watch our videos on our website where we use Wistia for its strong analytic and engagement monitoring. It helps us know if the videos we make are good or not. “


DEREK CAPO, Next Step China



Have Your Interns Create/Promote It

“One summer we hired interns to create a series of videos. They came up with super creative ideas that were engaging, humorous and definitely not sales-like. Then, they promoted the videos to their fellow students. It provided great exposure for us, and it fit in well with our snarky style of branding. It worked well for the interns because they learned how to market a product in a new way.”





Social Media Integration

“Take advantage of your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. Try something creative like social widget creation with video embedded with a form to capture leads, and leverage social graphs to build lasting communities.”





Optimize Your Video

“YouTube is owned by Google. Make sure you optimize your video’s title, tags and description so your content appears in search results both on YouTube and on Google. Use Google AdWords to identify what terms to use in your video. “


BRETT FARMILOE, Digital Marketing Company



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