SEO, Social Media And Their Reliance

Consumers are trying very hard to avoid marketing campaigns and by all accounts they are succeeding. DVRs, pay-per-view and on-demand news and information are limiting the landscape for outbound or regular advertising.


While the consumer is rejoicing in triumph for having banished advertisers away marketers are trying to find ways to get you to come to them and by all accounts they are also succeeding. Inbound marketing makes the consumer go to the product by using SEO, social media and other online and offline tools.


Everyone is looking for the best rank from SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) to drive traffic to their site. SEO or Search Engine Optimization uses the information consumers search for and creates content to influence search engines. You can target any search for your SEO, whether it is a word, picture, video or viral information circulating in social media sites. The key point any SERPs guide will tell you: If the target is popular and you create content around it you have a very good chance the SERPs will take notice, and once they take notice you improve your odds dramatically. 

Social Media

Social media sites boast staggering number of users numbering in the tens and hundreds of millions each and every month. These sites thrive on sharing, commenting and recommending what they like, don’t like and would like to try. This is information marketers have been praying for since advertising was created and to top it all off it is available for free. While the information is free you have to know where to look because social media can be created different ways including:


  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Videos and images
  • Internet forums
  • Wikis
  • Ratings
  • Social book marking


Once you know how to gather information from social media sites you will be able to use it to market your product more effectively.

The Combination

When you use SEOs and social media as part of your marketing be sure to create content which combines and links each site to form one cohesive product. This end product starts with content and the type of content will dictate how your site will rank and be received by the consumer. So quality can not be over emphasized and as a matter of fact it should be your number one goal. If the content is of high quality and optimized as it should be you will create the right amount of buzz for your site in order to generate traffic.


Optimizing your quality content with keywords, tags, titles and description will encourage your readers to like it, share it and link it. These actions increase the presence of the website and the content creator. As more and more people share the information your campaign is able to generate leads that could possibly turn into sales of your product. This process has to be maintained with new content as often as possible because outdated and irrelevant information will give your readers reason to go somewhere else for new content resulting in reduced traffic and eventually revenues. 


Using these tools gives even the smallest company a chance to compete with larger outfits for online traffic. What you have to do is create content that will engage your customers and make the SERPs notice you.

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