The Sameday Health App Enables Comprehensive and Convenient Healthcare Services

In today’s increasingly hectic world, juggling work and family responsibilities is an ever-more-difficult challenge. Squeezing in fitness workouts, social commitments, and personal business further complicates each day’s schedule. Now, suppose an individual notices some troubling medical symptoms. They want to schedule a doctor’s appointment, but their family physician is generally booked weeks in advance. Even if they could snag an appointment, they might be routed elsewhere for tests. Sameday Health offers a new solution.

What’s an under-the-weather person to do? How can they quickly see a medical professional who can identify and treat their symptoms? Most importantly, how can they fit this medical appointment into their jam-packed schedule?

Sameday Health Offers Timely Healthcare Access

Fortunately, many time-crunched individuals can now access a cost-effective healthcare solution near their homes or workplace. Sameday Health is a Venice, California-based healthcare provider that launched during the COVID-19 pandemic to fill a gap in the market: convenient testing facilities, timely physician treatment, and a comfortable patient experience.

Not surprisingly, the marketplace responded to Sameday Health’s innovative business model. As a result, the company rapidly expanded to over 50 testing and diagnostic clinics in 12 states. Also, each Sameday Health location offers one-stop symptom testing and follow-up medical care. Moreover, customers in select states can also access at-home “House Calls” services and virtual consultations.

Customers Manage Healthcare Services via an Easy-to-Use App

Many digitally savvy customers would prefer to manage their healthcare services via their smartphones. So, anticipating this trend, Sameday Health tasked its app developers with creating an easy-to-use platform. Today, iOS and Android users can access the Sameday Health app via a free download.

The Sameday Health App Facilitates Key User Services

Sameday Health’s app enables customers to perform three essential healthcare service functions. Whether on the iOS or Android platform, seamless functionality means better health is within easy reach for users. Via the Sameday Health app, users can:

  • Schedule a Convenient Healthcare Appointment for a Range of Diagnostic Testing and Wellness Needs
  • View and Share Testing Outcomes (COVID-19, STD, and Health Panels)
  • Maintain Previous and Upcoming Healthcare Visit Records

Sameday Health Offers a Variety of Testing Services

The Sameday Health app enables easy scheduling of COVID-19 and Sexually Transmitted Disease (or STD) tests, as well as strep and flu tests. Sameday Health also offers a range of Targeted Health Panel Assessments.

Most medical insurance is accepted, and self-pay options are also available. Customers can add, edit and/or view their medical insurance data inside the app.

COVID-19 Testing Services

As colder temperatures draw more people inside, they will likely face increased COVID-19 transmission risks. Likewise, people with flu-like symptoms, or who might have been exposed to an infected individual, should request a COVID-19 virus test.

Having completed over 1 million COVID tests, Sameday Health is a recognized testing industry leader. Non-invasive mid-turbinate nasal swab testing is available at every Sameday Health clinic. Alternatively, a nurse can perform the COVID-19 test during a House Calls service in select states.

At all testing venues, Sameday Health follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC) COVID-19 testing procedures. A CLIA-Certified lab processes all test samples.

Once a customer’s test results are available, they will receive the lab report through a secure online channel. Most countries accept a traveler’s negative test for approved entry. COVID-19 tests include:

  • RT-PCR
  • Rapid NAAT (the PCR Equivalent)
  • Antibody
  • Rapid Antigen

STD Testing Services

It’s also important for clients to protect their sexual health, and help minimize the potential of transmitting a sexually transmitted disease (or STD). To do this, clients should regularly proactively seek out testing and test at the first sign of potential infection.  Moreover, Sameday Health offers both Twin- or Extended-Panel Testing formats. Sameday Health accommodates walk-in customers and encourages same-day testing appointments.

A qualified Sameday Health medical professional facilitates each customer’s urine and blood sample tests. The complete process takes around five minutes, and it follows applicable healthcare testing and privacy protocols.

The customer will typically receive their emailed test results within three days. So, customers who test positive should immediately contact a healthcare provider, who will design a treatment plan. Sameday Health medical professionals are also available for virtual consultations.

Health Panel Assessments

Whether a client is concerned that they may have inherited a specific medical condition, or think they could be at an elevated risk of a particular ailment, health panel assessments are an opportunity to learn more about their health. Additionally, they help build a baseline health profile so their clients follow any medical changes over the years.

Clients can request a health assessment panel at any Sameday Health clinic. The customer will receive their timely results through a secure online portal. Customers may also be able to schedule a virtual consultation with a Sameday Health physician.

Available Health Assessment Panels

  • Diabetes Screening
  • Extended Allergy Panel
  • Female Hormone Panel
  • Food Allergy Panel
  • General Wellness Screening
  • Inflammation Panel
  • Male Hormone Panel
  • SoCal Allergy Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Vitamin Panel

Physician-Approved Vitamin Therapies

Some Sameday Health customers want to enhance their health and well-being with supplemental vitamins. During an in-person visit to a licensed physician, the customer is prescribed a targeted vitamin therapy regimen.

Sameday Health clinics in certain cities can provide these vitamin therapies onsite or at the customer’s home. Registered Nurses perform each therapy by delivering the vitamin blend into the customer’s bloodstream, which provides a faster nutrient delivery compared to orally administered vitamins.

Vitamin Injection

One (or more) beneficial vitamins and additional nutrients are delivered via a vitamin injection. Through targeted vitamin shots, customers can enhance their immunity and promote a higher metabolism.

IV Vitamin Drip

Some customers are affected by brain fog, dehydration, and poor sleep. So, by receiving a timely IV drip, the customer may see reduced impacts from certain health issues.

Virtual Physician Consultations in Selected Areas

Resolving a medical concern usually begins by consulting with a licensed physician. However, a customer may not be able to obtain a timely appointment with their primary care physician. Scheduling issues or lack of transportation may also present significant obstacles.

Fortunately, Sameday Health customers in California, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC can schedule a virtual consultation with a licensed Sameday Health physician. Individuals 18 and over may book an appointment for the following issues:

  • Allergies
  • Discomfort and Pain
  • Infection
  • Medication Refill
  • Urgent Care Virtual Visit

Before the consultation, each customer will complete a medical history intake form. This information enables the physician to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. The physician may also prescribe medication as needed.

Virtual Therapy Sessions May Also be Available

Customers faced with troubling personal concerns may often feel overwhelmed. They might be dealing with anxiety and depression, relationship issues, or ongoing substance abuse problems. But, maybe they just want an empathetic professional to listen and offer constructive advice.

Sameday Health offers virtual therapy sessions with a licensed mental health professional. During each 50-minute video interaction, the therapist will help the customer gain a better understanding of their issues. Then, the therapist will formulate a treatment plan designed to guide the customer in a positive direction.

The Sameday Health App’s Privacy and Data Security Features

Sameday Health takes customers’ privacy and data security seriously. So, all customer data is stored under HIPAA-compliant encryption and security protocols. In addition, Sameday Health will never share customer data with third parties. If customers have relevant questions, the Sameday Health Support Team is available to address them 7 days a week.

App Data Privacy Protocols

Sameday Health (the app’s developer) notes that its privacy practices may include data handling as shown below. Privacy practices could vary based on variables such as the customer’s age or features used.

Customer-Specific Data (may be linked to a customer’s identity)

  • Contact Information
  • Identifiers
  • Sensitive Information
  • Health and Fitness Information
  • Financial Information

Non-Customer-Specific Data (not linked to a customer’s identity)

  • App Usage Data
  • Diagnostic Data

App Data Safety and Security Protocols

Sameday Health provides guidance on its data security practices. The business also lists the data types the app might collect and share. Data practices could vary according to the customer’s age, region, and use. The app version is also a significant factor.

Data the App May Collect

  • Device IDs
  • Personal Information
  • Health and Fitness Information
  • Photos and Videos

Data the App May Share with Other Entities

  • App Activity Logs
  • App Performance Information

iOS and Android Functionality Requirements

Also, the Sameday Health app is available for the iOS and Android platforms. Each operating system’s requirements appear below.

iOS Platform Requirements

The free Sameday Health app will operate on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Both devices must utilize the iOS 14.0 (or later) operating system. For Mac computer users, the app will run on a Mac with Apple M1 (or later) chip. The computer must utilize a macOS 11.0 (or later) operating system.

Android Platform Requirements

The free Sameday Health app (Version 1.4.3) will run on the Android platform. Likewise, the device must utilize the Android 8.0 (and up) operating system.

The Sameday Health app enables customers to effectively manage their healthcare services. As new offerings come online, Sameday Health will evaluate its integration into the app’s capabilities.