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Running An Online Store? Avoid These Mistakes



by Michael Evans


If you have become a proud owner of an online store, it can’t be denied that you have taken the first necessary step but now the question arises – is this the end?  With specific goals and business objectives, you can help your website stand out of the crowd. However, letting it sail through the obstacles in online marketing was always a challenge. You can easily get your online store up but it requires good strategies and their implementation paired with suitable approach that collectively brings you the much desired outputs. We suggest – even this is not the end!


We don’t intend to perplex you but a simple concern that may arise is – are you even aware of the mistakes you have been committing in your marketing campaign? Do you even know that they exist and a few of them are actually eating up a major part of your campaign sales? If your answer is NO then you probably need to track them at the earliest and get rid of them as soon as possible.


Your success formula can only be a hit when you have finally got rid of the mistakes that could obstruct the running of your online store. Now before they create troubles, find and fix them but before you do so, it’s important to recognize them. Let us explore some of them here.



Mistake 1# Non-relevant landing pages

Since a lot of eCommerce businesses focus on bringing visitors from search engines and social media sites, merchants must ensure that the links that have been provided for a particular ad should be relevant. However, a lot of stores only aim at brining traffic and needless to say- this approach further leads to visitors tuning out within a few minutes. Your landing pages should carry the message in detail, to which your visitors have already been introduced.



Mistake 2# Poor site search function

Your visitors are coming to your website from top search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google. This means most of the shoppers have an obvious inclination to superior search tools. If the search function on your website is unable to return them suitable answers to your customers’ queries then it has actually failed to meet their expectations. Customers are comfortable with shopping cart searches that are user friendly and can very well:


  • handle typos
  • understand plurals
  • include thesaurus
  • consider relevancy
  • offer suggestions


Shoppers are also fond of navigation that guides well and filters in a way that ultimately helps them narrow their selection. These features are available in majority of top retail stores running online. In order to find out what is actually lacking in your search function, check out the websites of your competitors. If you need to upgrade your search, go for it without a delay.


Mistake 3# Poor content/ description of product

Delivery of rich content or description with respect to your product is actually mandatory. However, content is still believed to be one of the most ignored sections of any online website and even the most popular websites seem to commit this mistake. Enhance the quality of product description on your pages and you’re sure to gain an edge of performance over your competitors.





With rich and useful content you’re also giving your visitors a reason to invest more time on your page. Better content and descriptions make your product look like a worthy investment and it also speeds up your customers’ purchase decisions.


Mistake 4# No/inadequate shipping details

Would you ever buy a product from a store that could not give you the details on its shipping? If your website has inadequate information on shipping then customers are anyway going to avoid making a purchase even if they have been convinced on the worthiness of the product. Avoid hidden charges, which are often the biggest turn-offs for your customers. Inform them openly if the shipping is FREE, which is a highlight of any online store more often than not. Have shipping estimator included in the shopping cart. Let shoppers enter their shipping addresses and other necessary details.


Marketing your online store with all the necessary inputs is not always as confusing as most of the business owners actually think it to be! Since your objective is to acquire new customers who can also be your loyal customers in the long run, considering things from scratch sometimes works in your favor. If your website is selling products that are also carried by plenty of other websites then you need to find out ways that can actually help you set a different impression on your prospective customers. We can only add that tracking out the mistakes seems to be the foremost!


Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and social media analyst. He is currently associated with leading manufacturing company – Connect with him at Google Plus.




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