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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Apple is a sales giant. Verizon customers will pay more. Facebook is worth billions and Snapchat made something disappear. What a dull week for tech stories, huh?



Not so fast. Companies you may not have heard of before crowdfunded millions. Tools arrived that will help businesses grow and let startup dreamers learn everything they need using a pair of earphones.



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What are the names of these true game changers? How have earlier startups paved the way for today’s companies? What apps wowed us at KillerStartups this week? Read on…


Killer Startups

  • Restauranteurs have been faced with the unsavory choice of losing out on online orders or losing money on pricey online ordering systems (or sticking their head in the panini press). Now they can instead choose Orders2Me.
  • “Yeah, but the color just isn’t right?” We hear this often and everywhere. Sip Color lets designers, painters, coloristas, turn whatever they see into unique and gorgeous color palettes.
  • Brewie. Unoffically endorsed by Homer Simpson, this app and automated home brewing machine makes the process of brewing craft beer easier than you’d ever imagine.
  • Some live for the work that goes on after an app is built. Developers? Not so much. For all those glued to a screen who would rather be creating than selling, meet Paddle.


Living the Startup Life

  • Smartphones are such amazing tools. And that was before anyone did anything with back side. Ready for your first digital case?
  • We tend to think “today” and “tomorrow” when we talk startups. Yet, startups have a rich history that can teach us what always works and what mistakes we can spare ourselves from repeating.
  • Two ways to announce to the world that you accept defeat: using a smelly old gym bag and not trying to outwork everyone in your space. CEO Mark Samuel tells us about making the best bags for all types of fitness enthusiasts.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Podcasts offer a convenient and entertaining way to both learn startup skills and to hear great stories. Find out where to tune into great startup-related podcasts in no time.
  • The bad news: Banks only approve roughly one fifth of the small business loan applications they receive, and the process is what we will politely call outdated. The good news: Alternatives, with lower interest rates, exist. You don’t need a traditional lender.
  • Collaboration platforms have quickly become a favorite communication tool, versatile for  in-house conversations and discussions with clients alike – creating more vulnerabilities to hacks than companies may even realize. Enhanced security such as WitKit provides figures to be the next must-have feature.


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