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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

While Sony was swinging to and fro recently like a bottomless piñata filled with how not to deal with hacker treats, one goodie that the press snatched up repeatedly was that there’s “no playbook” for handling such situations.



Really? Not having cyber security policy in place in today’s business world is insanity on par with planning a moon walk without a space suit.


How have startups stepped up to face security threats? Where should entrepreneurs turn online for genuine inspiration? What companies made a splash on KillerStartups this week? Find out all this and more below…


Killer Startups

  • Some guys go kicking and screaming into the dressing room from the time they are little boys until the day they’re fitting tennis balls onto the legs of their walker. Not so with Pacific Issue.
  • “…get an idea about what type of content you should be creating in order to get the most impact.” For free. Arm yourselves with BuzzSumo, content marketers and bloggers, if you haven’t already.
  • Scenedoc has more than a few clues. They’re changing the way investigative work and field documentation are done. Hint: no more paper notepads.
  • Hoping to wade casually through Twitter conversations is like expecting an uneventful inner tube trip on the Niagra River. Get real. Enjoy the view from the observation deck better with this clever filtering tool,


Living the Startup Life

  • The Internet doesn’t lack for inspirational stories, but some are more jaw-dropping than others. Read around ZIDILIFE if you want to get your entrepreneurial battery recharged.
  • Cyber criminals nabbed way too many headlines last year. Time for us all to stop exposing ourselves – and for the good people like those at Disconnect to gain attention for all the news that isn’t made.
  • When it comes to online advice, no one is interested in filtering out the founders from the phonies. With Foundr Magazine, you hear entrepreneurs speaking directly from experience.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Oh no you haven’t had your fill of tech predictions for 2015. Not if you want the inside track on what markets will be hot this year, you haven’t.
  • When an ambitious young chef is questioned as to why he would change a recipe that’s been around for 200 years in the film The Hundred-Foot Journey, his answer is: “Maybe 200 years is long enough.” This is how your carry a tired industry into the modern age.
  • Wanna venture a guess as to how much those emails you’ve collected are worth without a solid newsletter? No you don’t. You want to reach for a tool like Goodbits.


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