KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

You’re busy. We get it.

The fast pace and crazy work hours of startup life make it impossible to keep up with all the latest startup news, trends, and tips – and worrying that you’ve missed out is no way to begin the weekend. That’s why we’ve rounded up this week’s hottest startup stories from KillerStartups below.




Killer Startups

  • Most of us feel that keeping up with all we need to get done is a losing battle. Let Upkeep do the fighting.
  • You can’t take a class on how to become an early riser, but you can learn by watching a video tutorial. Skillfeed is the place to figure out how to do everything for your startup and much much more.
  • 1001 Free Downloads. Free images, graphics, wallpaper, clipart, and more – and bloggers don’t have to cage fight to gain access. I’d say hurry over, but you’re probably already there.
  • Let the scientists and creationists spar over the missing link. Keep all your links where they’re handy to find and share with Point.


Living the Startup Life

  • The startup grind puts enough pressure on everyone to eat well without the extra stress of waiting for a table. Noshlist puts an end to these kind of hunger games.
  • If you’re a freelancer (and who isn’t anymore in at least some capacity), an easy way to accept credit card payments is the ticket to that elusive financial freedom that’s supposed to come with the territory.
  • If someone told you that you could travel the world for a year if you sold all that “junk” collecting dust in the attic, you’d have a cleaning rag in hand in no time, right? Discover the value of your possessions. Now.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Your company probably doesn’t have the same sense of humor as the Dollar Shave Club, and it doesn’t need it. Forcing personality is a huge branding mistake. Skip the pain and find out what does work.
  • Job satisfaction and productivity go together like… listen, they just go together. Here’e how you can boost motivation across your company.
  • Too cash or time-strapped to market your business properly? Maybe not. These automation tools can help you establish the marketing presence you need without losing your shirt or precious sleep.


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