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Role Of Guest Blogging In SEO



Guest blogging plays an important role in the search engine optimization process. As odd as it seems, the future of link building may point at guest blogging. True, you would be providing a great article to some other blog, but this very act of guest blogging will help increase traffic and add audience to your site. Before we proceed to learn about the role and importance of guest blogging in SEO, let’s first understand the term ‘guest blogging.’





What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is when the owner of a blog features articles and content written by some other person on his blog. Guest blogging is beneficial to both parties involved, the guest blogger and the blog owner. The blog owner will be able to regularly post quality content on his blog. On the other hand, the guest blogger will be able to spread his reach among audience.


Guest blogging works in two different ways, one is when you write articles for another blog and the other is when someone else writes articles for your blog. That’s one of the main reasons why guest blogging is always a win-win situation.


5 Benefits of Guest Blogging


1. Builds Natural Links

Guest blogging goes a long way in improving the link building strategy for your website or blog. Guest blogging has been an integral part of link building strategy not only because it brings in lots of links but also because these links come as naturally links. It also gives you the freedom to control anchor texts. Guest blogging also helps you gain relevant and natural links to your blog from sites that have high search engine authority.


A Tip: Make sure that you vary up your author bio; add few links to your author bio, but see to it that you don’t over crowd your post with links pointing to your blog.


2. Brings Traffic to Your Site

Guest blogging is an essential part of SEO as it brings in potential customers to your site. The most important benefit from guest blogging is targeted referral traffic that flows into your site. Success of SEO depends a lot on the volume of targeted audience directed to your site.


While it’s true that popular advertising methods like pay-per-click bring in traffic, fact remains that traffic from guest post comes from an interested audience. This interested audience is a set of people who are intrigued by your guest post and want to learn more about you. Now that you have a group of people visiting your site, you should be able to convert these visits in to long-term relationships by making use of good content marketing strategies.


A Tip: Design separate landing pages for readers of each blog so that when they visit your site, they get a clear call to action. Make sure that the content on the landing page benefits readers.


3. Improves Author Authority

Although most content writers have immense subject knowledge, they lack authority and popularity. That’s the reason why placing your posts on someone else’s blog’s allows readers to associate your name with quality information. The authority of the blog with which you are associated will be transferred to your name. The more popular your posts become, the more authority your posts gain.


A Tip: This process is a cumulative one, so it takes time to build authority and improve popularity. Ensure that you posts informative and quality content regularly to be seen as a competent writer.


4. Builds Industry Relationships

Writing guest posts makes you come across many industrial stalwarts, professionals and experts. By building relationships with them you’ll be able to bring in credible links. Guest blogging ensures that you build relations with online audiences, blog owners and other popular bloggers.


A Tip: It’s better to remember that great relationships have the potential of getting converted into great links.


5. Builds a Brand Name and Presence

One of the main reasons of the popularity of guest blogging is that it builds a brand name and improves brand presence in the market. By posting your guest blogs on niche websites and relevant blogs, you gain excellent authority. Guest blogging helps build a strong user base and build a rapport with customers.


A Final Tip: Before proceeding to write articles, you should make sure that you add links to the content in the post and bring in a well written call to action also.


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