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Planting The Seed Of Entrepreneurial Spirit In Teenagers

Convincing a teenager to be an entrepreneur sounds like a difficult proposition but people like Mark Zuckerburg the founder of Facebook are inspiring teens to go after their dreams and not let age be a factor. The beauty of introducing a teenager to entrepreneurship is they don’t see limitations to the dreams they have and every idea is a possibility.



This might not be a realistic in the real world but it is dreams and ideas that are responsible for the most innovative and groundbreaking creations. Allowing your teenager to embrace these ideas opens them up to a world full of possibilities instead of limitations.


Lessons Learned

Giving your teenager the opportunity to start their own business at such an early age teaches them some very important life lessons that will carry them for the rest of their lives. They will learn responsibility, new skills, finance and the ability to embrace challenges without fear and learn how to overcome obstacles.


Teens Strengths

When a teenager decides to open a business they should first consider their strengths. Find out what they are and capitalize on them to give your business a better chance at succeeding.


Some of the strengths include:

  • Technology – access to computers and the Internet
  • Demographic – advantage of addressing their peer group
  • No overhead – no expenses such as rent and transportation depending on the business
  • Access – easy access to advisers and mentors through parents and their friends

As a teenager you will be able to access many resources for free giving you time to focus on your business.



Since you don’t have to worry about your rent and other overhead expenses you can provide a service or sell a product at very competitive prices. This is a key component of your business strategy as a teenager. If you have a high quality product the low prices will make customers take notice. Think about these points when you open your business and remember to open a business you feel passionate about because it will seem less like work and more like fun. 


Web development

Creating websites is not as complicated as it used to be. With minimal skill you can create websites for local businesses, friends and family. This is a very useful skill you can use now and in the future.  Upgrading your ability will give you access to bigger and better customers. The benefit of starting this type of business is you can do it from your own bedroom.



As a teen you spend a lot of time online chatting, shopping and surfing. While you are doing this look at everything you do as a business opportunity. Every time you face a problem ask yourself if you can provide a solution and whether the solution can generate revenue. The best businesses exist because they solve problems for people. Online spending totaled more than $161 billion in the US in 2011. If you can find a way to get a very small percentage of that you will have a very successful business. 



Online marketing

Marketing is responsible for getting people interested in a product or service. Your knowledge of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, or Pinterest can help a business increase their presence online. You can use your social circle to start marketing campaigns for products you and your friends use. You can make money by increasing the traffic, sales and recognition of a particular company.


If you are a teenager looking to open a business begin with your peer group. Your understanding of what they need can inspire you with ideas about business opportunities no one else sees.


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Author : Frank Griffin

Frank has been a soldier, a social worker and an insurance agent. Currently he spends his time volunteering and working for NGOs in third world countries, specifically Ethiopia. Writing lets his brain exercise and he loves tackling any subject. Frank enjoys visiting indigenous groups around the world and his goal is to visit as many of them as possible before they end up being tourist attractions.

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