5 Fantastic Photo Apps For The Best Holiday Images

by Daniel Ors


Not only do smartphones help keep us in constant communication with one another, there’s something about them that brings out the artist in all of us.


photo apps for holiday pictures



Folks fond of photogasms no longer need to cart around loads of lenses, tripods, or other gargantuan gear to get their foto freak on. Burgeoning shutterbugs now have everything they need to take, and edit amazing photos – right in the palms of their hands. And with the holidays quickly approaching, you’ll have lots of inspiring subject matter just waiting to be captured and shared.


Release your inner fotog with these 5 photo apps sure to bring all the colors of your holidays to life:


1. Instagram: iOS / Android

Of course, there were many photo sharing apps before Instagram came along, but not many has gained as huge of a following. The most fun part of taking pictures is the ability to post them online and share them with your friends and family. And with the number of people using Instagram, you most likely know a few people you’ll be ready to trade your future works of art with. Using a basic set of filters, the uninitiated will have little problem learning and using the features of Instagram to begin sharing all their holiday pictures right away.


2. Handy Photo: iOS /Android

What makes Handy Photo, well… handy, is its amazing user interface. Keeping all your photo editing tools on the corners of the screen, your image will never be blocked by large groups of options and features. Plus Handy Photo lets you clip out, move, or resize anything that you feel doesn’t fit within your photograph. It’s a lot of options and functionality for such a small screen, but it’s nice to have when trying to create that perfect picture.


3. PicLab HD: iOS / Android

If you believe your inspiring picture of this year’s first snow deserves an equally inspiring quote on top of it, then PicLab HD is what you need to really make a statement. You can take your original photo and punch it up with a series of lighting and film effects until you’re confident that it looks its very best. Then choose from PicLab’s wide variety of fonts and absolute freedom in size, placement, and colors to round out your typographic masterpiece. With PicLab, your very own inspirational poster is only a few swipes away.


4. Frametastic: iOS

What if one brilliant snapshot just doesn’t tell the whole story? That’s where Frametastic can bring everything together for you. Frametastic not only lets you adjust your photos with color filters, it can also arrange a series of photos into a photo collage so that you’re not just limited to a single image. Perfect for when you want to show more than just one scene or want to combine a series of pictures together into a single collage.


5. Camera App: default!

Your default camera app is pretty darn good as is, especially if you’ve upgraded to the new iPhone 6 or 6+, both have the new SloMo feature, which can capture video of falling leaves at up to 240 frames per second! Android is not out of the picture either, as the default camera apps for the Samsung Galaxy S5, Motorola Moto X, and Sony Xperia Z3 all have fantastic applications of their hardware as well.


Use these fantastic photo apps, and watch those Facebook photo likes drum up in seconds!


This post was written by By Daniel Ors of Fueled, the premier agency for iPhone app design and Android app development in New York City.


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