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Give Performance Feedback And Watch Startup Employees Succeed



Considering the amount of time and energy we spend working, it’s no surprise that time and time again employees express the desire for performance feedback from managers. Certainly, in every job I’ve had, the conversation among coworkers inevitably has come up. When the perception is that there has been a lack of feedback from management then it’s possible things may go south from there.


Let’s look at the importance of feedback and what you can do so that your startup employees don’t begin to look elsewhere for the attention they need.




Some Outcomes

Remember that if employees don’t feel as if they are getting proper performance feedback then they may simply feel without direction. It isn’t as if you have a group of needy employees who are simply starved for attention. It’s simply that you have a dedicated workforce who wants genuine and personalized reactions to performance.


If an employee doesn’t feel as if he’s getting this, he may begin to feel disconnected from the job, feel a lack of direction with his purpose at the job, feel as if he isn’t reaching his own potential, or worse you may end up losing a talented employee entirely.


Talented employees end up moving forward and finding a startup environment where they feel appreciated. It’s as simple as that.





What You Can Do

It’s not necessary that you lose employees though. Spending 10 minutes to give sincere and genuine feedback to an employee really isn’t as difficult as it seems. Also, you really don’t have to be face to face with an employee to express sincere feedback. You can even take the time virtually and give employee feedback with very little preparation.


Remember to be honest in your conversation with employees also. They’re interested in hearing about three areas mainly: their abilities, their blind spots, and their environment or conditions under which they perform best.




Your Assessment

Employees would like to be recognized for their abilities. Start with this first. What are their strengths and most valuable assets they bring to your startup? Be specific with your employees about the value they bring to your startup.


This opportunity to speak with your employees is also the chance for you to talk about where they can improve. They’ll appreciate hearing this as they already heard from you that they’re appreciated and they’ll want to know what they can do to make your startup a better place. Tell your employees what behaviors they may exhibit that seem to get in the way of their excellence. Also, tell them one thing they should change that you think could make them more successful in their position. Lastly, you may want to talk to your employees about what you expect of them considering their abilities and this context in which you think they can improve.




Why Performance Feedback Is Important

Another key point regarding employee feedback is that you are fostering a relationship with them. This kind of relationship fosters employee growth and the growth of your startup. You don’t’ want the talent in your startup to walk away and look for growth opportunities somewhere else. Learn how to keep them happy and doing good work by providing them regular performance feedback.


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Author : Sam Melon

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