10 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

What’s your best tip for overcoming the fear of failure?



1. DiversifyCOREY BLAKE

“When I have many irons in the fire, I feel far less desperation around the success of any one. In fact, it is their cumulative successes that has created our brand identity at RTC.”

– COREY BLAKERound Table Companies


2. Embrace a Terrible First DraftKELLY AZEVEDO, She's Got Systems

“We tend to compare our own blooper reel to everyone else’s highlights reel. Instead just start with a first draft and embrace the fact it might be terrible. But the second try or draft will be better, the third even better. For me the only failure is not improving (or trying in the first place).”

– KELLY AZEVEDOShe’s Got Systems


3. Failure Is Not the Opposite of SuccessBRENNAN WHITE

“If you chose to do something and “failed,” you received valuable feedback on what to do or not to do in the future. If you chose not to do something (this most often takes the form of “waiting” or “thinking about it”), you are guaranteed to be in the same position until you decide to do something about it. Failure is progress. Stagnation is what should be feared.”



4. Failure Is Growth ZACH CUTLER

“The risks of starting and running a business are great, and there are times when you may be tempted to throw in the towel. However, it’s important to remind yourself that with every failure you experience in business, there is another lesson learned that will aid your company and team moving forward.”



5. Travel Will Broaden Your PerspectiveRAAJA NEMANI

“Go to the Third World, get out of your bubble and realize that even if you fail, life is not so bad.”



6. You Won’t Succeed Without OvercomingFABIAN KAEMPFER, Chocomize

“If fear of failure is disabling you from trying or starting at all, then you won’t succeed or truly fail. Instead, you will remain the same — which in the business world is as close to failure as you can get without calling it that. Realize that by encouraging a fear of failure, you have failed yourself and your business because you will neither succeed nor improve with lessons learned.”



7. So What If You Fail?Nikki Robinson

“Most entrepreneurs are playing a high-risk game, so fear of failure comes with the territory. In the worst case scenario, you fail, but so what? It will free up your time to work on your next business, and you will have more knowledge about starting and running a business. Just remember: fear makes you human, and when you hit rock bottom, there is nowhere to go but up.”

– NIKKI ROBINSONGloss and Glam


8. Regret Is Worse Than FailurePhil Chen

“When I fear failure, one thing that never fails to overcome that fear is thinking about the terrible feeling of regret. Regret lasts much longer than failure, and it is a thousand times worse. When you fear failure and quit, be warned that regret will always be right around the corner.”

– PHIL CHENSystems Watch


9. Failure Is Like PracticeHENRY BALANON

“I try to think of failure like exercise or practice. You’re going to do things, and you’re going to be terrible at first. The more you do it, the better you will get as time goes on. You will learn a lot if you look at failure as practice.”

– HENRY BALANONProtean Payment


10. You Must Fail to Learn SuccessJOE APFELBAUM

“Do something incorrectly. Make a mistake. Mess up. Then, learn from it. Don’t run from the failure. Evaluate your shortcomings, and use that to propel yourself into your future endeavors. If you never fail, you will never know when you’ve reached true success.”




Originally published by StartupCollective.



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