How Outsourcing Could Save Your Startup [Infographic]



I’m gonna start this one with a disclaimer: I’m all about creating American jobs. I think that the current rise of the startup economy has been one of the few shining beacons of hope in the dismal, dismal economic hole our country has been in over the past few years. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive, well, and may just be the thing to pull our country up by its very frayed bootstraps.


However. However, however, however. Bootstrapping is the methodology that most of us subscribe to – it’s the only way we can afford to quit our more-secure-but-not-so-awesome-jobs and venture out into the scary world of self-employment. It means we have to pinch pennies everywhere we can and it often means that we simply can’t afford to pay a living wage if we hire within the US.


Which means: outsourcing.


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that most US-based startups would prefer to have everything in-house. Having your team close by is beneficial for everything from combatting loneliness in the early days to building company culture in the later days. But the ability to pay that team may require you outsource some of your company’s task at one point or another, even if it’s not the ideal situation.


If you’re interested in learning more about outsourcing, take a look at the infographic (created by contract management company Ayers) below for some important outsourcing terms, the most popular countries to outsource to, and a few more reasons why you should probably consider outsourcing for your startup.


Ayers-IG-April-May-Global-Outsourcing Final


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