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How To Get Customers To Give You Their Email Addresses With Newsletter Signups



So you’ve got a form on your startup’s site where users and customers can submit their email address, perhaps even their name. Good. Newsletter signups have been and continues to be one of the main, if the not the principal generator of return for startup marketing investments.


The moment you have contact information from a customer, no matter what their actual interest level in your product or your company, you’ve the reason to tell them what you feel are the most important elements of your product. You can grow the interest all in the way you’re able to connect with your startup customers.


Newsletters and email marketing are, of course, only one part of the total unit that goes into a true and robust online presence, but email should not be understated.


Remember that still, many of us are hesitant to give up our email address to just any company. The use of “give up” is no accident. Who wants to submit their email address only to receive half-baked text and visually unattractive email newsletter? I sure don’t.





Concentrate On Content

Remember that the content needs to be of the utmost quality that will draw readers to want to read more and click links. If you were the customer, what would you want to be reading about your own product? Not only that, how would go about saying it? These are important elements to keep in mind when creating the rich content of your email newsletter.


Assuming that you’re already doing this, you want to make the opportunity for more uses to submit their email more frequent. If you’re a WordPress user, then there are frameworks like Genesis or Thesis that enable you to include a key element. This element is called a “feature box” and it makes it simple to place a form whereby users can submit their email address every time you upload and publish new content, such as in a blog post.





The Thank You Page

Another way to get more email addresses is to create partnerships with other sites that are offering excellent content. This way, when a user signs up and they are redirected to a thank you page, they can sign up for other email newsletters. Of course, if done right, then when users have visited the other sites first then they’re able to sign up for your email newsletter on your partner’s thank you page.





Partner Endorsement

Another very important way to get users on your email list is for the owner of another list who has already built a solid relationship with their list subscribers to endorse your newsletter.


If you offer your partner the same and they agree, you both will benefit immediately in a huge way. If you’re content is top notch and you know it, then you’re in a perfect position to pull this off.

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