Business Downtime During The Holidays? 6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Free Time


For a lot of startups, the holiday season can actually mean significant business downtime. Perhaps a few lucky team members are off taking a much needed break. Maybe things are a bit slower around the startup home-base. Downtime or not, many entrepreneurs actually begin to feel stress and anxiety this time of year. Unfortunately, that stress and anxiety may drain the enjoyment from spending quality time with family and friends.


For many entrepreneurs, it’s just a matter of not being prepared for this time of the year, (even though they should probably know the routine by now!) Instead of getting into a rut of holiday stress again, let’s take a look at 6 ways you can most efficiently use your business downtime.





1. Reflection Time

Now’s a great time to review marketing data, monetization strategies, and take a closer look at what worked and what didn’t work throughout the year. Remember to be brutally honest with yourself here! Also, think about what you can improve on and how you can enter the New Year prepared to take care of the most pressing issues related to your startup.


2. Create Goals

Make realistic goals for your startup for the next 12 months just like you set up your New Year’s resolution. Make sure to create a timeline whereby you can also review your progress as you pursue your goals.





3. Read And Research

This slow time is an excellent opportunity for you to read a recommended business book or watch some online speeches. Look to get fresh ideas and fresh inspiration that will allow you to continue to evolve and innovate. You may even want to look up some local business related workshops in your community where you can not only learn from other like-minded entrepreneurs, but where you can continue to network.


4. Step Away

Really, you should also use this business downtime to relax a bit and take time away from your business so you can come back with fresh legs ready to attack things in 2013! Avoid burnout and use this time recharge your batteries. Your team members and your startup will thank you for it!


5. Take Care Of Yourself

Haven’t been to the dentist recently? Need a checkup with your primary care doc? This is a perfect time to take care of your personal needs but of course this isn’t limited to health. What about your garage or even your home office? Do those need a thorough cleaning? Do it now before things pick up in 2013!





6. Be Thankful

This is a perfect time to show your appreciation for the love and support those close to you have given throughout the year as you’ve pursued the nuttiness that can be running a startup. Be direct and verbal with those close to you when you thank them and be specific. Maybe at other times of the year you’ve got your mind filled with too many other things to be so grateful.


The success you’ve been able to achieve up until this point hasn’t been something you achieved alone, and you know this!


You’ve probably already thanked loyal partners, clients, and customers. Now spread the love those close to you who don’t have to put up with you because of a contract but who do so because they love you!


Whatever you do with your business downtime this holiday season, enjoy it, and Happy New Year from our startup family to yours!


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