12 Tools Every Online Entrepreneur Needs Now

Are you thinking about starting your own business or improving the productivity and profitability of your existing company? With so many different tools circulating through cyberspace for entrepreneurs, it would be silly to avoid taking advantage of the multitude of trending online resources available. Below I have included my top picks for online e-business tools that I personally love and highly recommend to every online entrepreneur looking for that extra edge for staying ahead of competition.




1. Evernote

From short lists to lengthy research, Evernote is a robust note-taking mobile application that gives you the power to sync notes across all of your devices through the cloud. At the low premium cost of just $5 per month, Evernote creates an “external brain” in which you can gather everything that matters to your online business, including web articles, handwritten notes, digital photos, graphs, and full documents. In a beautiful screen-friendly layout, you can even use Evernote to present your work at meetings without spending time building slides.


2. Dropbox

Another helpful productivity tool is Dropbox, which is a premier file backup service that more than 300 million users trust to store, sync, and share their files. For everything from Word and Excel to Adobe and Photoshop, Dropbox works with all of the applications that you business’s team already uses to be productive and simplifies the sharing process across any device from anywhere. To protect your team’s data, Dropbox also provides single sign-on, two-step verifications, and strong cipher encryption in transit.


3. Basecamp

In my opinion, there is no better team and project management tool currently available for online entrepreneurs than Basecamp. With no IT professionals required, Basecamp makes it simple for teams to effectively work together, share files, have discussions, collaborate on documents, assign different responsibilities, and stay on top of deadlines. After taking advantage of the 60-day unlimited free trial, prices start at just $20 per month to receive the sense of order and calmness that you are craving for improved projects.


4. Skype

As the global leader in VOIP calling, Skype is an essential tool for every online entrepreneur to stay in touch with business connections. Personally, I use Skype every single day to make free voice and video calls to communicate with my team members, contractors, and other entrepreneurs. If you are running an international business, Skype Unlimited World is also available for as little as $2.99 each month to call mobile phones and landlines worldwide from your computer or mobile device. Premium features also include screen sharing for working on business projects with other team members at a distance.


5. ScheduleOnce

Finding success as an online entrepreneur will require that you stay fully organized to manage all of your important appointments and meetings. ScheduleOnce is an integrated online appointment scheduling software with a multi-user system that allows you to easily find a meeting time that works for all attendees. ScheduleOnce automatically syncs with your Google Calendar, so there is no need to maintain yet another calendar system. At $5 per month, you can receive the premium package for multiple calendar options and receive meeting reminders.


6. Dollar Photo Club

Boasting more than 100,000 new images each week, Dollar Photo Club is a helpful tool for any online entrepreneur seeking stunning high resolution pictures. In a royalty-free stock collection, Dollar Photo Club allows you to explore a creative world of premium high-quality photos, pay just $1 each, and keep them forever with no red tape. In the past, I have used photos for websites, newsletters, PDF documents, blogs, emails, brochures, eBooks, and business cards.


7. Infusionsoft

Starting at $199 each month, Infusionsoft is the best customer relationship management software available and is a great investment for online entrepreneurs. Infusionsoft is the only software built exclusively for small businesses to centralize all customer interactions and daily activities in one place. Infusionsoft is also beneficial for capturing new leads through email marketing, identifying the hottest online leads, collecting online payments, and simplifying records to keep track of your sales progress.


8. Rapportive

Rapportive is a free plug-in for your Gmail account that automatically replaces your sidebar with relevant contact details about who you are emailing with. Not only will you see a picture, but you will also find valuable information about their location, social media links, and even a history of previous email conversations you’ve had with them. Even better, Rapportive helps online entrepreneurs establish rapport by mentioning shared interests and connecting with them on LinkedIn without changing tabs from Gmail.


9. Grovo

Did you know that the average online entrepreneur loses at least 500 hours each year due to having inadequate digital training? Well, that’s where Grovo comes in. Grovo is one of the most comprehensive educational websites that offers video-based training on over 130 Internet tools. In 60-second videos, Grovo easily breaks down complex ideas into easily understood actionable skills for using Google AdWords, SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Apps, Trello, Evernot, Asana, and much more to improve your entrepreneurial spirit.


10. MyFitnessPal

In order to maintain a sound mind for growing your small business, you must have a sound body. Therefore, it always suggest that entrepreneurs download the MyFitnessPal app for their mobile devices to access the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database for taking good care of their health. Not only can you keep track of your diet with over three million foods, but you can also use MyFitnessPal to stay motivated in your workouts and calculate your exact burn.


11. Fiverr

If you are searching for an online marketplace for you to purchase goods and services starting at just $5, then you must check out Fiverr. For outsourcing, Fiverr is an excellent resource for small business owners to choose from over 80,000 services offered from talented people at an unbeatable value. You will be surprised at the depth of truly useful services you can receive for $5, including blog posts, ebook covers, graphics, online marketing, video, music, and more.


12. LinkedIn

Although it is important to not overlook the benefits of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and other growing social media platforms, LinkedIn is a must-have tool for any online entrepreneur to build long-lasting connections with like-minded professionals. It is free to get started, but premium accounts start at $24 per month for advanced features. As my most recommended professional social network, LinkedIn allows you to make a profile to highlight your accomplishments, shares new ideas, and discover great opportunities for growth.


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