Old School Team Organization Is Back In Style

The editorial calendar is the chill pill that’s been needed in the ever more demanding field of online marketing. This old school vehicle for organization can break down the fast paced lifestyle into a manageable and efficient working environment. The editorial calendar is simple, but there is reason that the trusted old friend has hung around for so long, and will keep your marketing team at a premium performance level.


The knowledge of direction is very important in setting the right groundwork for the task at hand. Therefore, a strong starting point really understands the reasoning behind the path you will take on this project, and how it will better your team and help reach your businesses goals. The clutter of confusion from the start is destined to cause more work, stress, and possibly a less than desirable outcome of the work the that was actually put forth. So keep it clear and concise!

Once the team understands why and how the project will be approached, the next step is to click on that little light at the end of the tunnel. Who are you trying to pursue or draw in? What makes them tick, and how can your team make them tick the way you need them to. So get out there and learn your target audience by surveying, and conversing with those you would like to approach.

With the new information at hand don’t get away from the clarity and simplicity to make your work stay effective. Simple calendars don’t mean you haven’t collected the resources you need or that you haven’t planned enough, rather it helps keep the confusion at bay at the task at hand the main focus. So choose your calendar format wisely, stick to the original plan of being concise, and push on.

Now it is time to set those goals. Know what you need, and know when you need it by. Look back on previous successes and failures to see what went well and what didn’t. Analyze the time needed for each specific goal, and furthermore what work will be needed to make those happen. Make sure you measure appropriately to keep the goals within reach.

You have hung in so far, so let’s put together that calendar now. With your target research at hand, make sure you cover all areas of the audience to reach everyone. Keep your content organized, making sure you categorize all of the different types into an accessible and of course simple format. This lets you know what you have in the holster for each audience group and what you made need to expand upon to make sure all your fields are covered.

Finally, a content repurposing strategy can help break down your idea into achievable pieces such as blogs or small clips of your final product. This helps keep the goal seem within reach, and can even generate interest in an early stage to get your audience excited before you even come out with the completed product. Make sure you can fit the pieces together in order to ensure the puzzle will all fit together in the end.

Laying the ground work for your projects sets a good foundation for the necessary work day in and day out, and may even bring down the stress level as the team breaks out a few smiles during completed works throughout the project.


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