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Does Your Office Need A Security System?



by Mary Ylisela


The owner of a startup company has a lot on his or her mind, including business growth, customers, and vendors. While focusing on growing the business to the next level, startups usually have a small budget. As a result, security may not be high on the to-do list due to budget.


But having a security system installed can protect the business’s assets, products, and supplies. Ultimately, investing in an alarm system may end up being a budget-saver, rather than a budget-buster. Those who aren’t convinced can read on to learn more about why a business startup needs a security system.


Any small business containing goods, assets, or information can benefit from a security system.

Any small business containing goods, assets, or information can benefit from a security system.


Benefits of Having a Security System

  • Secure Valuable Assets. Equipment, supplies, and even people can be a small business’s most valuable assets. Once the doors are locked and everyone’s gone home, an unsecure business is at risk of losing items of value, ranging from those that are irreplaceable to those that are costly to replace.
  • Protection of Information and Identity. Theft of information or employee identities can cost a small business even more than the theft of assets. Having a security system installed can protect a company’s information just as an Alaska home security system would.
  • Make Burglary Less Appealing. Once a security system is installed, decals, signage, and anything else that indicates the presence of an alarm system will help deter burglars.


How to Choose a System That’s Right for Your Business

  • Video and Audio Needs. Video camera or audio surveillance can be indispensable for security, as well as for deterring potential burglars. A business owner may not feel these features are important, but they are valuable additions to a security system.
  • Monitoring. The installation of a security system is likely to be enough for a small business. When searching for the right system, it’s smart to ask if security guards are available for special events on an as-needed basis.
  • On-Site and Backup Needs. In the midst of a stressful security issue, it’s a relief to know that backup storage is available to hold any video, audio, or images captured by the system.


Selecting Additional Features

  • Remote Access. One convenient feature to consider is remote access. This allows the business owner to arm, disarm, and monitor the system from his or her tablet, home computer, or smartphone.
  • Automation. Any type of automation can help add to the security of a system with features such as monitoring door activity and connecting with the main monitoring office.
  • Other Add-Ons and Options. Cost is often a consideration for small business owners looking to increase security. Remember that the investment made in installing a security system will pay for itself by keeping the business and its employees and assets safe.


The protection of assets and people makes a security system well worth the initial investment.

The protection of assets and people makes a security system well worth the initial investment.


Protecting the Investments of Hard Work, Time, and Money

In the end, the installation of a security system in a business location becomes part of moving the business forward. Knowing that the protection of products, assets, and even office items is in place allows the business owner to focus on operational tasks and customer service.


As the startup grows, having a security system with optional additional features is important to ensuring that an appropriate level of security can continue to be provided. If a tight budget is one of the obstacles standing in the way of obtaining appropriate security, a startup business owner can rest assured that his or her investment will pay for itself many times over.


bioScreen shot 2013-06-26 at 12Mary Ylisela is an author and freelance coach who writes about topics pertaining to the small-business owner and entrepreneur.




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