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Does Your Office Need A Security System?



by Erica Steiner


It’s natural that you want to trust every single person who works for and with you. You want to believe that your business’s neighborhood is totally safe. Unfortunately these things are not always true. Sometimes employees and partners do things that are untoward. Sometimes offices get broken into. So how do you figure out whether or not you actually need to install a security system?



Where is your office located?

Are your offices located in a “dodgy” part of town? Is the crime rate in the area high? If so, you are definitely going to want to install a security system.


Do you have a standalone office, or do you work within a larger building (preferably one with controlled access)?

If your offices are located in a building that is already secure, you probably don’t need any external surveillance or security in place.


If you have entrances that are accessible to “the outside” (whether they are doors or windows), you might want at least a basic alarm system in place, especially if your building is in an area that sees a lot of break-ins.


What do you keep onsite?

What kind of business do you do? Do you work with a lot of confidential information? Do you keep sensitive materials in your office? If you do, it is probably a good idea to install security both inside of your office as well as outside of your office. This way, you don’t have to worry as much about people whose security clearances are low being able to snoop through files they aren’t allowed to see.


Has your office been having problems?

Have you noticed things mysteriously disappearing around the office? Have people reported problematic behavior from a specific employee or a department? If you’re worried that things are going awry within your company, installing security or surveillance could be a good way to keep everybody on task and ethical.


The amount and type of security you need is going to depend on these factors. In some cases, you might simply need an alarm system (and key code entry) to keep your business covered. In others, you might need something more involved and complicated. It’s important to understand that there is also a very fine line between keeping your offices secure and your security becoming intrusive and a hindrance to employee productivity.


It all depends on where you are, what you do, and how much you trust the people who work for you.


Erin Steiner writes about and makes all sorts of things for the Internet from her home in Portland, Oregon.




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