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Here’s How To Make Sure Hackers Don’t Plunder And Pillage Your Data




If we learned one major lesson from the theft of celebrities’ personal photos a couple of weeks ago, it’s that people are jerks keeping a network secure is difficult even for the big companies like Apple. If they’re doing such a poor job, even with all of their resources, how can little startups like you and me guarantee that our walls won’t be breached, our data pillaged, and our engineers left crying in the rubble?


Fear not, intrepid startup founder! Our friends at Exigent Networks have put together an excellent infographic outlining all of the ways your network security can be breached and how to prevent that from happening. They also spoke with security experts to get a deeper understanding of exactly what “security” means in this digital age.


In all seriousness, guys, this is an infographic you don’t want to miss. As much as I like to mess around, online security is really no laughing matter. Protect yourself, protect your company, and don’t end up with egg on your face like Apple did.




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Author : Emma McGowan

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