The Motivational Speaker Approach To Selling Your Idea

One thing motivational speakers do is sell themselves and they are very good at it. Whether you believe in what they do or not by the end of their presentation they will have you standing up and cheering. This is achieved through experience and knowing what people want to hear. If you have an idea and you want to sell it the methods used by motivational speaker to get their audience riled up can help you accomplish that goal.


Know What You Are Selling

Ideas are hard to come by and even harder to convince others to buy into them especially if they don’t have the foresight to see what you are proposing. Your first goal is to validate their belief you are going to make them money that is why they are there listening to your pitch in the first place. Second explain in great detail what you are providing and this should be a solution.


Let them know how your idea is going to make the life of the user much better because it will solve a problem or a particular set of problems. Your idea has to sell solutions if not you will have a hard time selling it.

Identify Your Buyer

If you are a startup looking for funding you have many options regarding investors looking for opportunities. Although they all want to make money they have specific requirements as to the type of startups they invest. Before you go knocking on all doors find out what type of investor is looking for your idea and let them know you want to present your idea  to them.

Know Who You Are

Motivational speakers always say know who you are because people relate to you more if the real you is making the case. Adopting personas or acting cool can end up alienating the people you are trying to address. People are genuinely more interested in who you really are and if they are going to buy your idea they want to know the person responsible and not some gimmick.


Establishing credibility is part of knowing who you are. Convincing people your idea is going to be a success requires you being credible. You have to establish yourself as someone who is an authority on the subject matter and are able to answer any questions about your concept.



Motivational speakers exude passion and this in turn awakens passion in their audience. If the idea is yours you are probably very passionate about it so don’t control it so much you sound like a newscaster. Get excited about your idea and let them know how you truly feel about it without sounding like you need to be locked up.



Investors listen to the information you give them on an intellectual level. This means if you are trying an emotional connection you will probably fail miserably. This doesn’t mean there is no room for such a connection but first deliver your facts and figures and for this group this connection might be stronger than any emotional story you tell them.

The important lesson in using some of these techniques is don’t let gimmicks get in the way of your message, be yourself.


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