The Motivation Station: Running A Productive Startup

by Damien Higgins


Maintaining a profitable startup is about keeping the plates spinning as fast as they can – and if the performance of your company depends upon the performance of your team, keeping your employees motivated is essential every step of the way.






Instilling a sense of proactivity in your team, whatever your business, is easier said than done – especially considering motivation isn’t a self-perpetuating phenomenon. The bottom line, though, is that job satisfaction and productivity are inextricably linked – and these are just some of the ways you can maximise both for your startup.


Reward culture

A culture of positivity is the key to a productive business – and giving your team something to work towards is the ultimate way to boost motivation across the company. Promoting a working culture in which employees are acknowledged for their efforts and rewarded for their achievements is an effective way of building that all-important office morale.


When team members excel themselves, it’s important to let them know their performance hasn’t gone unnoticed – and tangible rewards can offer concrete evidence of what they bring to the company, giving them the motivation to perform at their best no matter what.


Environmental factors

Whatever your business, your employees are destined for demotivation when put in the wrong environment. Giving your team a workspace designed with performance in mind is key to maximizing output – and could mean the difference between your employees taking pride in their work and dreading the thought of it.


Studies have shown that office lighting plays a major part in the productivity of your team, with florescent lighting being known to cause eye strain and even trigger migraines. Opting for natural light instead results in greater office morale, improved health and well-being for your team and, ultimately, reduced absenteeism – meaning the natural way is most definitely the way forward for any startup.


Offering your employees a state-of-the-art workstation is one sure way to boost productivity, with the ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ adage as true as ever when it comes to office motivation. Ergonomic chairs in particular offer a subtle and practical solution to a productivity outage, since no employee can be expected to perform at their best without feeling totally comfortable at work.


Work-life balance

This management buzzword is still very much the name of the game when it comes to office productivity – with employees’ well-being directly influencing their professional performance. If your team feels like they have ample time to relax and pursue other interests outside of work, the balance is maintained and employees should feel motivated and focused during office hours.


Addressing unmanageable workloads is also essential if it’s your mission to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Employees who feel under pressure to work to unrealistic deadlines will never submit their best work – but by identifying heavy workloads and giving your team the breathing room they need, you can guarantee efficient work of the highest quality every time.


Eden Springs wrote the book on office productivity – and thanks to this innovative employee motivation guide, you can keep your startup running like a well-oiled machine.


Damien Higgins

Damien Higgins, Senior UK Marketing Manager, Eden Springs UK Water & Coffee Company.




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