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How Major Companies Motivate Their Employees (Infographic)

Are you happy at work?



Google Ping Pong Table


Are there things your employer does that motivate you? Or are there things about your workplace that make it a real drag to trudge there day after day? This infographic looks at those employers who get it right, whether through playful perks, ongoing opportunities, serious salaries or a carefully considered corporate culture. Who are they, what do they do and why aren’t you working for them?


There’s little doubt that the best companies to work for, according to the employees themselves, are in the tech sector. In Glassdoor’s 2014 Employees’ Choice Awards there were seven tech companies in the top ten. The good news is that the tech sector is rapidly expanding: 84% of UK tech companies say they are expecting growth this year.


For most job candidates a company’s reputation as a great place to work is the most important consideration, but what does this actually mean? When asked about what makes a great employer the responses focused on progression and culture above things like rewards and perks. People change employers for better opportunities for advancement first, better leadership from senior management second, and benefits or compensation third.


So who does what? It’s been well publicized that employees at Mind Candy enjoy a red slide to get between floors, have a tree house for brainstorming and ping pong tables for letting off steam but our infographic will also reveal who lets you take pets in to work, who gives access to a music studio, who provides free yoga and who lays on a concierge service.


Find out just what you are missing, and just what getting it right means for staff retention and recruitment.





NeoMam Studios is a visual content creation agency with offices in Manchester (UK). They design static and interactive infographics for over 50 clients from all over the world; including Macy’s, Visa, Adecco, United Nations, Thomas Cook, Topman, among others.


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