6 Things You Should Know About Mobile Video Advertising [Inforgraphic]


by Zain Jaffer


Have you ever looked at a banner ad and thought, “Hey! This is the freshest banner ad I’ve seen EVER. I am TOTALLY captivated by this wonderfully charming static picture of Donald Trump!


No? Thought so. And you’re not the only one.


Mobile video ads are 115 percent more engaging to users than banner ads. If you’re an advertiser, it’s time you change your boring banners to vivacious videos to get your users interested.


Check out our infographic for more things you didn’t (but should!) know about mobile video advertising:




Now wouldn’t we agree that a video ad of Donald Trump’s glorious combover majestically blowing in the wind would be MUCH more engaging than this?


Infographic created by the team at www.vungle.com.


zainZain Jaffer is the founder and CEO of Vungle, the leading in-app mobile video ad marketplace. Vungle was incubated in AngelPad and went on to raise $8.5MM in funding from Crosslink Capital, Google Ventures, AOL Ventures, and others.


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