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Go Mobile Or Go Home: How Mobile Telephony Can Save Your Startup Crucial Cash



by Bryan Goode


Businesses owners are always looking for ways to save money and start moving their business forward. The first step most take? Eliminating hardware costs. While eliminating these overhead costs saves hundreds every year, growth depends on more than just cutting hardware spending. Small business owners need to embrace technology to advance in today’s innovative, wireless business ecosystem.





In fact, according to a recent Bank of America (BofA) Small Business Owner Survey, 64 percent of respondents said they wish they took better advantage of technology innovations to help manage their business – virtual phone systems are a good place to start.


Taking control of expenses and eliminating telephony related hardware will undoubtedly save money for any small business with a limited budget. By cutting spending on new phones, plans, installation and other phone system related overhead costs, and utilizing mobile technology paired with cloud-based solutions, a business can save that crucial capital and extend their professional phone presence and capabilities in the process.


With cloud-based services, small businesses can get a toll-free or local business phone number that forwards calls to existing mobile devices, allowing an automated receptionist or personalized recording to greet and direct every incoming call. Calls can be professionally answered 24 hours a day, routed through a menu of options and forwarded to the right person or department, even when business owners are on the go.


It’s also imperative a business phone number is not disregarded. When new businesses rely on a mobile phone as a primary business number, it portrays a lack of professionalism due to unreliable service. To project a higher level of professionalism when dealing with prospects and customers, choosing a virtual telephony solution that allows a business number to be integrated into a cellular device is key.


The foundation of a successful small business can be built on savvy spending habits and utilizing innovative technologies. With the help of a virtual phone system, a wireless device, and a business phone number, a small business can gain a large advantage when starting down that path to success.


Bryan Goode is CEO of Infratel, a company dedicated to delivering communications solution to small business through hosts and cloud service providers. Follow Infratel on Twitter, @MightyCall.



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