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mCommerce – Mobile Commerce Marketing

For better or for worse, we have become a society on the go. For goodness sake, we even have a “portable” yogurt. Everything needs to be accessible now, so it’s unsurprising that mobile commerce has grown exponentially in recent years as our technology continues to advance.



And what does that mean? A lot of options when it comes to mCommerce (mobile commerce). If you haven’t already, it’s time to really evaluate your company’s needs and decide on the best approach.

DON’T: Neglect Social Media

There are about a thousand different ways to market your business online,  but in the days of twitter, pinterest, and facebook, neglecting your various social media outlets can be one of the biggest mistakes you make. In fact, facebook is just beginning to rev up their mobile market, with over 424 million people using their mobile site per month. A strong social network presence can make you a household (or handheld) name quickly and effectively, and  allows your company to develop an online personality.

DO: Consider Online Coupons

I, like many a shopper, am a bargain hunter at heart. I love finding myself the best deal – and what better time to be notified of one than while I’m about to enter a store? Well, with location services becoming readily more available ( foursquare, facebook locations)  investing in this kind of targeted advertising is sure to get you results.

Note: Extra points for combining the last 2 options via twitter coupons or facebook promotions in which users are requested to like your page or share a post in exchange for discounts!

DON’T: Make an App for that.

First things first.  STOP with the apps already. Even if your business is utterly life-changing, chances are that you do not need your own app to make it more functional. I get it, apps are super trendy, everyone downloads them by the hundreds on their smartphones, and it’s a way to leave a lasting mark on your consumer – but not really. Really evaluate whether or not an app is good for your company, and keep in mind the following:

  • Unless your business is offering something incredibly novel,  99% of the time it’s been done already. Make sure to do  your research beforehand!
  • In reality, the average consumer has too many apps as there is, or app-saturation. Most are very reluctant to waste their time or data plans on yours, so it will take quite a bit of convincing.


DO: Optimize Your Mobile Site

In reality, consumers favor mobile sites over apps – they are just easier. But when developing your mobile site, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Sooner is Better: Mobile sites need to be super fast. Consumers are not patient enough to wait  a lengthy load-time, not even on our mobiles. In the age of smartphones, we expect them to compete with any other internet-ready device.
  • Keep it Simple:  Mobile site performance doesn’t just mean great hosting.Come up with a great design that enhances usability and won’t weigh down your site. Content should be easy to read and making purchases should be even easier.
  • Be Direct: Don’t make your potential customers wait to get redirected through several pages. It comes off sloppy and adds extra wait time.

If you haven’t yet, (DO) make the changes necessary and develop your mobile commerce in the most effective ways possible!

You won’t regret it.


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Author : Evy Duskey

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