Make Facebook Work For You!


So you fan page has taken off, swarming your e-mail, and soaking up all of your free time reading comments and posts your fans add to your Facebook page. Now what? Show me the money!


Facebook gave businesses a new in with paying customers from advertisements all the way to collecting loyal fan clubs. But how does your startup turn all of those facebook fans into paying customers? How can you really make your fan page pay you back for all of the work you have put into it?

Well first off, think about what makes you like facebook.

It is a social media site, and offers a wide variety of options for sharing different types of media. So leave all of the self-proclamations alone, and give the people the same you want. How many hours have you spent trolling through pictures for that one laugh in a Meme? Too many, right? Join the surge, and post your own photos and get people looking!
The winning ticket to posting the photos is that once you grab a few users, they begin to work for you. The reposting that so many facebook users do quickly gets your ideas out there to more and more potential customers.


Relying on users to pass your word shouldn’t be all you bet on.

Keep an interesting mix of what your fan page has to offer. Of course the number one priority is your own advertisements but persuade users to come by for other reasons as well. For instance, Shut the Front Door, a facebook fan page, has bingo nights with rewards a few nights a week, and gives away gifts which makes the fans come pouring in.



A relationship between your fans and your business is important.

This doesn’t mean have a personal facebook page for your fans to be a part of, but make sure everyone is having fun at the same time. Not only do you get the feedback from your customers, but give them feedback on their feedback! When a customer feels a personal relationship with their supplier, a loyalty is produced. The loyalty is just as important as the facebook shares of your promotions. Someone that trusts in you and your product will sing your praises in a way that your business never could.


Never overlook the customers you already have.

Though the search is on for increasing numbers, they are the foundation of your success. The bank or cell phone advertisements that offer incredibly low deals to new customers, and disregard the effect of these ads on customers these companies already have can really send some of the loyalty away.


Stay good to who was good to you.

This can only benefit you when other facebook users see how excited these long time customers still are over your product. Pay close attention, and make sure these fans stay happy before you find yourself constantly having to check your page for negativity. Accept criticism, but don’t let it turn into a bad vibe being portrayed on your advertisement.


Remember this is your page!

Don’t let it get away from you, and round up all those customers you have been chasing after for good!


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