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5 Ways To Think Creatively, Define Your Brand, And Leverage Social Media



If you’ve tried to unsuccessfully engage your customers through social media channels, I’m here to tell you, “don’t get discouraged!” Time and time again, I speak to startup team members who are truly excited to leverage social media but when it comes down to getting it done, they still seem a bit confused about strategy.


After a lot of these kinds of discussions with startup folks, it seems that one important issue preventing progress in this area is defining one’s brand for the social media context. Understanding your brand will help you make the freshest and most appealing content.


So how do you go about getting to know your brand?  Well, first you have think in different terms. When you think differently, then you can begin to act differently.





So, let’s rethink your startup brand with these 5 steps:


1. Discover Your Voice

How are you going to address your customers? Are you going to use a conversational, professional, sarcastic, or witty tone in your writing? Pick one or two and stick with it. Remember to stay consistent.


2. Choose Your Goals Carefully

Decide what you want from your social media experience and go after it. Whether it’s more subscribers, new leads, more followers, or lots of comments to your posts, you need to pick one and go after that specifically.


3. Start With Facebook and Twitter

There are various social media outlets that you could use effectively, but starting out using too many could sink your ship quickly. Start out with Facebook, Twitter, and a blog first. After you earned your chops here, then you can expand. Start slowly, but surely.


4. Know Your Audience

Categorize your audience and then upload content that interests them. Are you friends with local businesses, partners, or a younger fan-base? Whoever you’re connected with via social media, create content aimed at them. Otherwise, they’ll be clicking elsewhere!


5. Analytics

Set up goals regarding how many fans or followers you would like. You’re going to want to track your growth to see the relationship between what you are uploading to social media and how quickly your fan-base is growing. Facebook even has built in tools where you can check the demographics of your users, including which posts have been seen the most. Not only that, when you have a big enough fan-base, you’ll be able to target posts at certain demographics through Facebook.





Don’t forget, in order to leverage social media, you need to rethink your role. Look inwards first to identify your brand, and what identity it’s going to take via your social media outlets. Once you’ve got that down, then you can look outward, attack, and take no prisoners.


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Author : Sam Melon

Sam finds writing to be a positive and relaxing way to process his experiences. Luckily, he's in a position where he can spend much of his time doing just that! When he's not writing, he enjoys taking photographs, playing music, and having a nice chat or two.

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