Let The Big Boys Do The Work – Content Marketing Strategy For Startups

Content Marketing can be scary, inefficient, and possibly even useless if not used appropriately. Big time business may not need it as much as the small guys, but it can be effective for everyone. The need has to be recognized in the right manner, and the plan for success in the social media field has to be strong and clear.


Startups have a big advantage over the big guys with their ability for quick adaptation without all of the moving parts to align. Therefore, if a big fish is transforming their ways to take a bite out of content marketing, their strategy must be easy and effective if it is ever going to be worth the effort.



Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm, pulled together a system of five steps of slowly learning the need, the path, and the solution to a successful content marketing strategy. It has been organized into categories named Stand, Stretch, Walk, Jog, and Run. So let’s get started and see if we can join in on the fun.



Let your mind wander a little bit.

Play around on other company’s sites to see how things are working. Think about the possibilities taking on this market strategy could give you, and try to understand their values. Maybe you have already dabbled, so think about your flaws or successes and how they can be improved.


In this second step, Altimeter states that a company will “realize the value of content marketing and begin to build the strategy and support necessary to create and publish content.” In the big business world, a bigger company means a bigger resource pool. Attacking a new concept like this may not take the wind out of the sails as it could a small business, but that doesn’t mean that the task is impossible. Do not let the idea overwhelm you, and let the ideas flow in. Figure out what you want to achieve with your content marketing, and don’t sell yourself short. Really open up to the idea, and worry about the nuts and bolts after you have the ball rolling a bit.



Now your strategy can begin to take shape. In the land of the big boys a content marketing team will be assigned the task to make this happen. A small Startup may not be able to put together these resources, but there is an advantage in the smaller atmosphere. No one knows the product better than you, and you know how to really highlight the finer points of what you are selling. Do not underestimate the value of your passion for your work. Use that same passion in developing your vision for your content marketing into a working model. Figure out what you want said, and how you want it done.



This step is where the “back of the book” descriptions need to be left out. Make the customer as excited as you are about the product. Loop them into a experience rather than just a review. Show them that by visiting your ads they can have fun, and that will have them wanting more. Let them interact with the products ads, and grow from their feedback. If a relationship develops with the customer through this a loyalty to your product can grow much quicker than before.




In Altimeter’s research, the running step has been figured out by very few. The big pockets of the enterprises might actually slow them down, and blur the ultimate goal. You want customers. They want your product. Don’t let anything stand in the way of that, and learn how the content marketing is helping or hurting. Take the hits in stride and the successes to a new level.


Then, just don’t stop running!


The big guys can easily stall themselves out, but also have the resources to dig themselves out of holes. Learn from their mistakes and stay focused on your strategy. Let it work for you, and don’t get overwhelmed by what is only going to make you better.


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