Let Go Of Fear. Embrace Failure. Launch A Startup Now!


Now is the time to launch a startup, not later! Don’t reach age 65 only to say to yourself, “Once, I had an idea to launch a business, a startup, and the timing just wasn’t right.” Don’t make excuses about waiting for the right time, not having enough money, or having to take care of your other responsibilities before you can pursue your passion.


The truth is that fear grips the majority of dreamers who never attempt or take one step in the direction of that dream. If you’ve got startup dreams, then it’s time to address the excuses that are masking your fears.


Culled from interviews I’ve done with startup founders, let’s take a look a how you can take a deep breathe, stand tall, and address head on your fears.





Get To The Bottom Of It

Take time to really reflect and even write down what you perceive to be holding you back. This process allows you to really get down to things and see what the conflicts in your mind are. After some time, you’ll be able to see that some are not as important as you thought and the ones that are truly important are there in your face, ready to be addressed.


Organize your thoughts and your fears this way and tackle them head on. Hut, Hut, Hike!


Like Nike Says…

You could say cutting the chord, taking the plunge, carpe diem…the idea here is getting the courage to just do it. In the face of our anxiety and our internal conflicts is when we should go after our dreams. Otherwise, when things are calm and cool then we see no need to change things up. I’m sure that makes perfect sense to you, doesn’t it?


Failure is ok. Remember, the most important lessons are learned through failure, so just get started and embrace the lessons learned if you do happen to fail.


Remember to identify who you would go to or where you would go should you run into any serious issues. If you prepare yourself beforehand, then you’ll be ready to face issues and to face your fears as they present themselves to you.


The more detailed your plan of action should things get too rough, the better. The same way you plan for the positive, you have to be ready for if and when it hits the fan.





Embrace Failure

All people fail in their pursuits and no successful business-person you can think of right now hasn’t failed several times. The more you fail, the more clear your path will become if you learn from those failures.


In addition, failure can give you the fuel to get it right – that’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit that I’m sure you already recognize in yourself. Not only that, but your failures will also make you value even more so the journey that you’re on.


Just remember to break down your strategies and the steps needed to pursue your business into manageable, bite-size, steps.


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