In Light Of The Latest Apple Announcement, Here’s How Your Startup Can Be Be Mobile First



“Mobile first! Mobile first!”

In the wake of the latest Apple announcement, the rallying cry of VCs and startup founders can be heard ricocheting off the tech campuses of Silicon Valley, through the streets of SOMA, and bouncing off the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Everyone knows that an online company that’s not on mobile is not going to be around much longer.


The thing is, being accessible on mobile is not only important for startups but also for brick and mortar businesses. With more and more of the world using their smartphones as their primary means of accessing the internet, both web-based and not web-based businesses need to make sure they’re findable and, if applicable, shoppable via mobile.


Wanna know more about the rise of mobile and what it means for you and your business? Check out this infographic from Neon SMS that lays it all out in layman’s terms.


Neon SMS - The Rise of the Mobile User


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Neon SMS | Ian Higgins