How to Land Amazing Internships for Startups

Landing amazing internships for startups isn’t easy. Sometimes companies just aren’t bringing anyone new to the company, instead relying on previous associates or friends that are more reliable. Not to mention these days, when the job market isn’t quite as accessible as it used to be thanks to the slow and gradual bounceback from Covid-19.

But don’t fret. There’s still a way to land an awesome startup internship. It’s just a matter of putting your best foot forward and convincing someone that they need you on the team. That said, there are some steps you can follow to land that startup internship and make it happen for you. Be confident, be idealistic, and be bold – you’ll nail it!

Don’t Come Empty Handed to Your Startup Internship

You’re basically selling yourself when it comes to offering a startup internship. Why should these people hire you? What is it about you that’s more attractive than the other kids coming in looking for work? What can you offer that a thousand other faces can’t?

And it’s here you want to make sure you’re not empty-handed. Anyone can walk in and speak with something from their mind, which is good. However, you want to show that initiative with your startup internship, and that means a book full of ideas.

Hiring managers like to see initiative. They like to see someone that’s not afraid to “go get ‘em” as it were, and has a lot of ideas. Granted, you don’t want to be too cocky with them, as you might turn them off with a bad attitude. That said, there is a good way to stay innovative, while at the same time being fresh and vibrant. This is what hiring managers want to see.

So be prepared. Think of some good ideas for the company and how you can change things. Show them that they can’t live without you with just the right amount of gusto and pride in your work.

Be Accurate, and More Importantly, Be Thankful

Another key factor that people like to see is graciousness. Anyone can walk in with a stubborn attitude and shoot themselves in the foot right then and there. However, the right startup internship begins with someone that’s showing genuine care.

For instance, talk about your passion for joining someone’s startup. Why do you think it’s a proper fit for you? What is it that makes you gel with excitement for this business? What makes you stand out? We’ve mentioned this above, but it really goes a long way.

For good measure, so does accuracy. Make sure you’ve got a nice-looking resume. Don’t be sloppy on it, and don’t rush. Take your time so it presents you well.

And even if you don’t get the startup internship, take the time to offer a thank you card. Better yet, handwrite it, as that offers a level of personality that folks don’t normally see. Even if you don’t land the startup internship then and there, managers will remember that. And they’ll think of you when they want to expand the team further. That will work to your benefit.

Even If One Position Doesn’t Work Out, That Doesn’t Mean You’re Out of Luck

Another thing to consider with a startup internship is that you may not always get the role you want. Sure, you may have your heart set on an engineering position, but what if the startup needs someone else?

It’s times like this you want to remain open. Remember, the goal here is to not open the door with a specific doorstop, but just to get the door open. It doesn’t matter where you go when you get in. The fact that you got in means that the startup sees value in you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have offered you a startup internship.

And even if you didn’t get the position you wanted, you’re still in. There’s always a chance to evolve into that key role in the future. Who knows, you might even land a better one. We’ve seen people quickly move their way up the ladder thanks to confidence and effort. It’s the greatest kind of success story you could imagine – and it happens quite a bit.

So there you go. Approach this with an open mind. Have a notebook filled with great ideas. Be gracious and kind, but also confident and willing. Don’t be afraid of being shoehorned into a “bad role,” because it still gets you into that startup internship you want. These are the steps to getting into a bigger role. Embrace it.