The Importance Of Knowing Your Employees

by Aaron C. Kramer


As an employer, it’s important that you’re hiring the right people for your business, and for the safety of the people around you. When going through the interview process, you begin to get to know your potential employee – but you don’t get their full background, or anything they may be leaving out.


An important step to take is implementing background checks for every employee that you hire for your company. By establishing employment screening for your company, you’re ensuring the safety of your business, as well as the safety of the individuals working there.  Not only will you be saving time and money through the hiring process, but you can also save your company from any legal complications that may arise from unknown backgrounds.




Benefits of Employment Screening

There are many companies out there that are weary of the idea of conducting background checks on their employees; they don’t want to lose the trust of a potential employee. However, there are a lot of other great assets in conducting these checks that can help improve the overall quality of your business.


Improved motivation – By including background checks for your employees, you can change the motivation and quality of your workspace by 67%. Why wouldn’t you want this for your company? By hiring the right people for you and your workplace, you’re banking on them being the person you hoped them to be during the interview process. By clearing any worry or confusion, your company will be running smoother, and more efficient.


False information –  It’s said that 20% to 50% of applicants provide false information on their resumes to better themselves in the application process. By providing an employment screening during the interview process, you can gather the correct information on a potential employee, and avoid any mistakes made.


Negligent hiring – This is a scary term for many companies out there that have faced a consequence like this. By having negligent hiring, you can open up a whole world of chaos into your company, even if it’s just one bad hire. It could lead to lawsuits, financial crises, and risk management problems. Your employee won’t be the only one “in trouble” for any criminal activity taking place under your workplace—you will too.


Drug-Free workplace – By including employment screenings in your interview process, you are also promoting a clean workplace for your employees. Employment screenings take the place of implementing drug testing in your company, also saving you money in the process.




Using Its Benefits

Although a criminal check is supposed to be 100% correct, it’s always important to ask the candidate if everything is up-to-date, especially if it’s a credit score. Before making hasty decisions on a potential employee, it’s always a great idea to discuss the matter with them, and see the response they have.


As an employer, you may also have to tell them the necessary actions that your interviewing process includes, so they are aware that you are looking at their past history.


By implementing background checks for your employees, you’re improving the quality of your workplace, the safety of your employees, and the safety of the customers you may interact with. Not only will your company flourish by hiring the right people for your company, but you’ll avoid any negative consequences. And you’ll get quality employees who will be assets to your company for years to come.



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