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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Ready to migrate to Mars? While not shipping anyone off to the red planet just yet, NASA’s successful test of a rocket booster on Wednesday has kept the program on schedule to send a spacecraft into deep space – clearly enough reason to begin planning an asteroid visit or major relocation.




rocket launch



Let’s see, you’ll need to put together a resume to win a mission spot (and you don’t have enough time for traditional formatting with launch just five years away). You’ll definitely want to pack a few (thousand) delicious artisanal snacks. And you’ll probably want a reliable way to talk to the Earthlings you leave behind. Check, check, and check. KillerStartups has your back.


Killer Startups

  • Admit it, you’ve probably spent more time formatting and reformatting your resume than you have adding useful information. So tedious. Seeveeze: if you just want people to see your credentials clearly without wasting hours.
  • The thing about predictive search engines? Results are, well, predictable – which is often practical, but makes for a horrible discovery system beyond the most obvious results. Commons offers something different.
  • Have your kids Schooold. Just as learning to read makes academic life so much easier, learning how to manage money early on sets teenagers up for lifelong financial security.
  • Tworlds. Two photos enter, one photo leaves. OK, maybe it’s not that competitive, but the unfiltered glimpses of life around the world via this photo app are still powerful.


Living the Startup Life

  • Solid accommodations for the business traveler, anywhere, booked in under six seconds. Classy.
  • That moment when you have no clue what the Mandarin translation you gave actually said but you have no doubt that it did not go over well. Yeah, LipSync’s human translators spare you that awkwardness.
  • Craft beers only hail the beginning of the craft food and beverage movement. Discover indie makers at Found Eats.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Texting is in the midst of its heyday, but the voice knows how to be heard. Get ready for the phone call to make a comeback.
  • Just need a point in the right direction for your leads to turn into sales? There’s a compass for that.
  • Crowdsourcing has helped individual trees stand out. Now it’s going to benefit the entire forest.


Photo Credits

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center | Cyril Rana

Author : Keith Liles

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