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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

You’re busy. We get it.

The fast pace and crazy work hours of startup life make it impossible to keep up with all the latest startup news, trends, and tips – and worrying that you’ve missed out is no way to begin the weekend. That’s why we’ve rounded up this week’s hottest startup stories from KillerStartups below….



Killer Startups

  • Inefficient search and slow loads will turn the simple task of using images online into an arduous quest. Compfight ends the pains of finding royalty free images.
  • Flavour is a sleek app that uses the perfect seasoning to make restaurant discovery appetizing again.
  • What memory aid have the zillion other language learning programs neglected? Cuteness. No joke. Science suggests there’s more than furry good feelings at work when speaking Cat Spanish.
  • Light up the world with your startup news. Literally! StartupBlink shares all things startup related on an interactive global map.


Living the Startup Life

  • It’s easy to spend precious free moments browsing and saving online reading for later rather than actually reading. Feed your mind properly for a change with smartly collected longform nonfiction.
  • Everywhere: a common answer when you ask entrepreneurs where they’d like to travel. What they probably haven’t been factoring into their off-the-cuff answer is that “everywhere” is now a legitimate destination.
  • Gossip, bullying, name calling, shouting, secret spilling and all kinds of nastiness. Sound familiar? If you’re wondering if anyone can still behave with civility or kindness online, have a look at Outpour.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • 2014 was an incredible year for startup funding (crowdfunding now raises $2 million a day). This infographic reviews where the dollars came from and went last year, and the picture should thrill startup founders.
  • Entrepreneurs with tech skills position themselves much better for success. Here’s a quick assessment of the advantages they enjoy.
  • Financial housekeeping certainly isn’t the most exciting activity to kick off the new year, but it doesn’t have to be the most painful either. These tips will help small business owners take care of the books.


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