KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Safer than a Qantas airplane, broader than the recent Netflix launch, and cooler than learning coding with legos…


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Remove photos that dumb your smartphone, ensure that your packages will always arrive, and outclass other job candidates with the perfect interview – new calendar, new startups, same thrills from discoveries on the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.


Killer Startups

  • Photos are to smartphones what bacon is to arteries. So delicious! Yeah, but sure to clog up the works. Keep your camera lean with PhotoPanda.
  • If you’re in need of company that’s without the means to head your way, you can transport them to your doorstep, via Uber, using Teleport.
  • A great strategy for maintaining a decent diet during the crazy week: not thinking too much. In fact, all you need to do is ThinkYum to make meal planning savory again.
  • Do you know your surrounding better than everyone and wish you could get paid to share your knowledge with travelers? Then it’s time for you to bring your influence to Guidrr.


Living the Startup Life

  • Few people drink enough water throughout the day. This smart water bottle will help you stay properly hydrated.
  • How much can the right sheets improve your sleep? Tuck yourself between these sheets for up to 100 days for an unbelievably restful answer.
  • At last! A package delivery system that’s a good companion for online ordering.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • No need for public speaking to ruin your nerves. This tool will help you steal the show at your next pitches and other public engagements.
  • Unreadable swipes? Chips? Rid yourself of these payment-processing problems, with a contactless reader.
  • Can you ever be sure that you’re truly ready for the big, job interview? Enter the room a little bolder, after absorbing all the right information and having had feedback on your practice runs.


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