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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Packages will show up at your doorstep at the time of your choosing. You can continue working anywhere you’d like around the globe – and not stress about housing. Great jobs at killer tech companies matched with the right young talent. This must be what it feels like to play the perfect secret Santa…



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Extra sleep without the snooze button, a full-on burger without the meat, and networking minus the networking – the only thing you shouldn’t go without is the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.


Killer Startups

  • Missed deliveries, waiting around for packages to arrive at an inconvenient time? Online buying is absurdly easy, and Doorman wants deliveries to be just as convenient as the ordering.
  • Those with true wanderlust probably will never be able to afford traveling as extensively as they would like, but, with Taptrip, they can connect with all the people and places they care to explore, via pictures.
  • Snorelax adjusts your alarm time based on traffic info along your scheduled route – before you wake up! Bonus sleep… Christmas has come early this year for morning commuters.
  • Recent News doesn’t ask readers to set filters or fill out surveys about their article preferences or do a thing after reading. It learns what news you’d like to hear in the background without a peep (And this system for staying up on worthy reads screams: front page headlines).


Living the Startup Life

  • Figuring out housing can trip up even the most experienced digital nomad. Now they can find both affordable digs and fellow untethered workers with far greater ease. 
  • Not just a veggie burger, but a true veggie burger. Forget seeing. Tasting is believing. Anyone who craves a real burger but doesn’t want the meat needs to read about this startup faster than you can heat a bun.
  • Tired of lugging your laptop around in an awkward bag at inconvenient moments when you can’t leave it but wish you could forget it’s there? Then this is the pack for you.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • College grads need jobs upon graduating fast, which has often meant settling for a position far from an ideal situation. Here’s how people can put dream jobs with tech companies back on the table.
  • Sales prospecting doesn’t have to be a monumental chore (or bore). Contact potential clients and knock out those messages straight from your browser with this handy Chrome extension.
  • How does networking without the networking sound? Now you can meet an awesome person – of professional interest – each month without embarrassing yourself to score introductions.


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