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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Still… so… full. If you find yourself struggling to achieve standard startup velocity today, it’s perfectly acceptable to blame the turkey. However, there’s no slowing down thankfulness for all the amazing work startups have put in front of our eyes.



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Companies that care for their employees, successful traders letting everyone in on the action, and networking within the company – flush the tryptophan from your system with the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.


Killer Startups

  • Moving to a new place is stressful. Pingwheel helps you to arrive already feeling like a local, making it easier to find both friends and things to do.
  • Imagine visiting the doctor because you feel great and want to stay that way rather than going because you need to treat an illness. Just one thing needs to be said about TelMD: get ready for true health care.
  • No one wants to spend time adjusting filters in order to reduce the noise that drowns out the value of social networks. With This. (yes, This. is the startup’s name), you’ll cut through the clutter without trying.
  • For all the talk of company culture, being treated well is what matters most to employees. WorkDifferent connects people with employers who take care of their own.


Living the Startup Life

  • For all the dudes who wait until their socks and underthings have almost disintegrated entirely before restocking the drawers, here’s how you can replace the basics painlessly and affordably. Before you’re down to strips of fabric!
  • Tired of your diet being a topic of discussion and just wish you could go out to eat or attend events without explaining yourself? Raise your glass to dining again without being made to feel self-conscious.
  • If Wall Street becomes famous for deals conducted in plain sight, smart money says that Peeptrade will play a large role in such an uncharacteristic shift.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • It’s so easy to choose to stay at your desk or hang with the same crew come lunchtime. Get out of the (lunch) box, and network with unfamiliar people within the company.
  • Digital minutes books. If you’re not using them already, then you definitely should be after reading about this startup.
  • Has all that tinkering and updating reeeeally done anything for your résumé? Stop guessing, and learn how to manage your career like a rockstar.


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