KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

A hands off way to save money that works with even a tiny budget, your tweets turned into a donation powerhouse, and women breaking new ground (and stereotypes) in the remote workforce – the anything-but-routine KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.


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Killer Startups

  • Digit understands just how challenging it is to save money, so they make it easy to set money aside – within reach, but enough out of sight that your savings can grow automatically.
  • Street musicians are unheralded cultural treasures. Try to imagine New Orleans, Paris, New York City without the buskers? Scratch that. Go seek the musicians out and discover local artists around the world by using StreetMusicMap.
  • Wand magically make artists and business owners ideal partners, transforming blank spaces into stunning (branded) visual content.
  • Crowdsourcing continues to shake up industries. Koodbee ups the ante by looking to change betting. Talk about a startup having odds in its favor!


Living the Startup Life

  • It’s the dishes, after all, that make the restaurant. This mobile app lets diners track down the best of the best, and to become expert reviewers themselves.
  • New to Slacktivism? Turn your tweets into financial support for non-profit organizations. More truly good reason to stay active on social media.
  • 120 million. That’s the number of diabetics in China ready for a tech assist. (Yes, there’s more to millions than the latest seed round figures). This startup is up to task.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Encouraging news for women in tech! Encouraging news for women in tech, for a change! PowerToFly helps women find killer remote work.
  • Providing phone services to clients might sound like an undertaking way too difficult to manage. Not only is it completely doable, but its a good way to save customers money and boost your own profit. Here’s how.
  • Not everyone online is active on social media, but everyone uses or is familiar with Search… Before you go looking up where this is going, just consider this: a social network IN Google Search. Woo hoo, something to be distracted by other than ads!


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