KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

It’s happened again. Economic forces (perhaps elvish) have tried to make the Christmas season begin even earlier this year. Why o why will you not find a hostile reaction here?


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A car rental service that will never strand you in the remote lot; boxed wine that will retire your corkscrew; and access to the web as you like it, wherever you travel. We can accept an extended season that begins as it does here today on the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.


Killer Startups

  • As great as it might sound to follow Louis C.K.’s lead and just leave a rental car running outside the airport entrance, Skurt is a car rental service that’s a much more realistic, less problematic, and more satisfying option.
  • Lost as a newcomer on Instagram, or just a nosy neighbor? Find out what’s up in the ‘hood (both Instagram’s and yours) by using InstMap.
  • Tracking down your doctor when you’re not feeling well drains energy you can’t afford to waste. RealTime Clinic changes the face of the doctor-patient visit for the better.
  • Not a green thumb? Earth Prime will change your mind (and the color of your thumbs).


Living the Startup Life

  • First tracks: holy words for those who like to play in the snow. Here’s how you avoid equipment fails and enjoy the winter on a snowboard.
  • Forget the cookie cutter art prints that everyone has on their walls. Now you can collect serious art without breaking the bank or robbing a museum.
  • Now this is box wine we can get excited over – a subscription box of wines by the glass.


Startup Tips & Trends

Whether for work or play, we’ve come to expect access to the sites we use wherever we go, whenever we please. And now we can have our way.

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