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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Phew, good thing a Volkswagon wasn’t chosen to take Pope Francis around on his US tour, huh?



Challenges abound when running a company on the world stage, which is where any business can find itself these days, whether intentional or not. Heightened visibility makes us all better – unless you’re… committing massive fraud or astronomically raising the price of AIDS medication, transparency is a good thing.


No more trying to work with a broken smartphone screen because a replacement will arrive within hours, a simple and brilliant tool for tracking water consumption, and free publicity for your startup – you can’t say we don’t know how to party responsibly on the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup.


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Killer Startups

  • Nearly everyone knows the pains of dealing with a damaged smartphone. DropBot stops the heartbreak before it sets in, helping to fix your phone or put a replacement in your hands before business suffers.
  • It’s on – lunch, snacks, dinner, that is. Food Moves is a mobile app that gives foodies all the real-time food truck information they need to track down their faves.
  • Don’t you just hate finally hearing the traffic report while your stuck in five lanes of vehicles going nowhere? Morning Traffic Report gives you the best route to work – avoiding the jams.
  • Far better than a hotline for those struggling with mental health issues is direct access to doctors and immediate support. KnKt’d is a smart system for clients to stay connected with their care network.


Living the Startup Life

  • Tired of the search for local business ratings proving as confusing as the second season of True Detective? Three cheers for a single site that gives unbiased deets for any kind of local business.
  • Umm, since it’s fundamental to ALL life, maybe just maybe we should try a little harder to better manage our water supply.
  • Storytelling is more than a marketing buzzword. It’s an ingrained and essential part of the human project. And the tradition is alive and well online. Less clickbait and more storytelling, please.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • From the mind of the creator of Ship Your Enemies Glitter comes a random way to find great, useful websites annnnnnd a fun way for startups to snag free publicity.
  • Sometimes the more you obsess about your website the more likely you are to overlook something. A fresh set of eyes – outside testers – who can ensure that everything is functioning properly are priceless. And, fortunately, not overpriced.
  • Mercy. If complicated collaboration platforms and too many applications have made you want to abandon teamwork altogether, you’ll definitely want to have a look at this all-in-one communication solution.


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