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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Homo naledi! Turns out we humans have a brother from another mother, in a big way. If this amazing discovery doesn’t have you already rethinking our place in the universe, well, then check this out…





…Power naps! An egg white minus the hen’s involvement, and a Tesla replacement for your horse and buggy email – if you can’t bend spoons with your mind after reading the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup, you should still feel pretty good about things.


Killer Startups

  • We are in the midst of a golden age of craft brews in the US. An astonishing number of breweries, microbreweries, brewpubs and craft brewers have opened their doors in recent years. Brewery Passport is your ticket to finding them all.
  • Especially within the startup community, no one gets enough sleep anymore. How does a power nap sound? Careful not to drool on your phone as you set yourself up for the perfect snooze with the Power Nap App.
  • Trying to navigate the world of freelancing raises lots of questions, even for the most seasoned of freelancers. Since the work is often solitary, it’s easy to feel like there’s nowhere to turn for answers. There is. It’s called Domino.
  • The Grand Healthcare System takes the fear out of growing old, by renewing the idea of a nursing home, with stellar personal care and high-tech facilities. (OK, a good chunk of the fear – which is a huge accomplishment).


Living the Startup Life

  • If entrepreneurs are drawn irresistibly to complex challenges, then the European migrant crisis should act like a tractor beam ten-times more powerful than any in Star Wars movies… Yep, they’re on this.
  • Leave it to startups to take the idea of a “good egg” in a most unexpected direction. Hint: hens need not apply.
  • Wait in line to get into a nightclub? Bwahahahahahaha! That’s a good one. Here’s a much much smarter approach to going out.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Whatever you need help with, having your own personal assistant is the in vogue solution. This is a bandwagon that deserves jumping on. This week’s tune: well being.
  • Email is pretty much the bane of everyone’s existence. If you’re ready for a fresh take on this handy but increasingly unwieldy tool, you should check out this alternative.
  • Many founders think they are the exception to the very sensible axiom: there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. And they are mistaken. Some things need to be built from scratch, but, by all means, speed up development when working parts are already within easy reach.


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Author : Keith Liles

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