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KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

It’s hot and crazy out there friends. How so? We now know that it was the hottest July ever recorded for the planet. There’ll be a glass-bottomed swimming pool way up in the sky between two London buildings. Hackers released data stolen from Ashley Madison and (you can’t get away with this in fiction) Hamas reportedly captured an “Israeli spy dolphin.” Yeah.





Before trying to score ringside seats to Jeff Bezos vs. The New York Times, find out what else entrepreneurs have been cooking up lately on the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup. Compared to recent headlines, it will come as a welcome cool down leading into the weekend.


Killer Startups

  • No owner of a brick-and-mortar store would ever leave the front door unlocked or forget to put away the safe, which is exactly what plenty of online businesses do with their webpages. – for startups ready to take security seriously.
  • Scratch. Because the only thing more pleasurable than taking care of the shopping itch is to have a personal shopper do it for you. Cue angelic choir.
  • Last-minute hotel deals still leave travelers spending a lot more than intended when plans go awry. Instabed puts another low-cost option on the table: Airbnb. Instabed FTW!
  • Where do you turn when you want to find a fashionable outfit without killing yourself to hunt down what you want? Donde Fashion, naturally (if you know a little Spanish, or if you’re ecstatic to have tech track down exactly what you’re after on your behalf).


Living the Startup Life

  • We all know that learning how to make homemade pasta in Chicago isn’t the same as learning in Italy (doesn’t matter if the chef is world famous and Italian – and let no argument stand between another excuse to visit the Boot. Find cooking lessons anywhere to spice up your travels (ha, see what just happened there…).
  • Workouts are tough enough. No one needs lousy workout clothes (or insanely high price tags) to discourage exercising. We can all be glad a startup has put an end to wardrobe pains.
  • Is the complete takeover of social video already underway? Already complete if you ask chain videos.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Email is notoriously tone deaf. Good writers struggle to strike the right notes. Less cautious or skilled wordsmiths can harm business in a hurry. Add The Tone Analyzer to the list of essential tools along with spell check before pressing send.
  • No question that great design can help startups stand out from their competition. Here’s how you find design help that would wow the art world and win customers.
  • Speed matters. Your website’s loading time is a deal maker or breaker. Check out how you stack with peers and ensure you’re the fastest site around.


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