KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

What does it tell you about how hard it is to name a company when Google – yes, Google! – trips up. F is for facepalm!


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Bring your Instagram presence into clear focus. Get paid when your data is sold. Save your audience from cringeworthy stock photos. (Find a parent company name not already taken by a huge company, especially if you’re in the search engine business.) Basically, turn yourself into a superhero by reading the KillerStartups Weekly Roundup this week.


Killer Startups

  • Sirvo connects workers in the service industry with jobs, cleaning up one mess of a hiring scene. Everyone order another round!
  • Captions, messages – they’re a tedious speed bump when it comes to sharing pictures. VoxWeb discretely replaces awkward text with a voiceovers added to photos, creating “speaking pictures.”
  • Some voices we could do without. Namely, trolls. Social video app Weev knows how to make them disappear. This star-studded social network is already winning tonnnns of fans drawn to positivity.
  • No clue when to post on Instagram? TakeOff not only makes scheduling convenient but helps users maximize their exposure (ha, geddit?). Seriously, it’s a sharp tool.


Living the Startup Life

  • There’s so much great art in the world that far too few people have ever had the chance to see for themselves. Well, the Internet has found a way to make the museum doors swing open wider. Let the hypnotized staring commence!
  • It wouldn’t be a complete week without Uber in the news somehow, right? Here’s something they’ve done that everyone can agree is fantastic.
  • Get paid when data companies sell your data? Heck yeah! Once again we’ll click “I agree” without reading, but this time we’ll have something to show for our cooperation.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • Finding decent free photos to accompany online content is a job for Sisyphus. Stop crying in your beer and check out this alternative to crappy stock photos.
  • Want to know how marketing is affecting the bottom line – without becoming a statistician? See how Phala Data delivers the insights that make strategizing oh-so-much easier.
  • Why does it feel like it requires an event coordinator to get a small group of people online on the same page these days? Group messaging is out of control. The solution? It takes a  _____ to make lemonade.


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