KillerStartups Weekly Roundup

Startups are great at challenging conventional thinking and defying overused phrases. “Never say never.” That one has probably triggered your gag reflex a time or two. Well, how does never doing the bookkeeping again sound? Never having an old social media post come back to haunt you? Never turning to a survey to learn about your customers behavior?


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We’ve saved some rooftop space for you in this KillerStartups Weekly Roundup today – ready to shout? Never! Never again! Never! Never! Never again…


Killer Startups

  • SEO. Stupidly, Egregiously, Onerous? No, no, no, really, driving founders crazy is not what it’s all about. INDATALY will finally make SEO easy for everyone.
  • Custom clothes, custom classes, custom homes – Sinatra would’ve loved how easy it is to have everything done “my way” anymore. Latest goodie that you can now enjoy to your personal specifications: nutrition bars, by YOURBITE.
  • If your to-do lists look frightfully ugly, CloudTasks can give your calendar and agenda a makeover. The next time someone mentions productivity, you might actually give your smartphone a double take instead of doubling over in pain.
  • Bookly makes a strong case for entrepreneur’s newest best friend thanks to an old enemy it knows how to send packing: bookkeeping.


Living the Startup Life

  • Where have you been? Where should you go? It only takes a few seconds now to collect memories (and daydreams) of visiting the best places – and to share everyone’s favorite passion: travel.
  • It’s so easy to forget old posts on social media, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuntil they return at the worst time imaginable. Save yourself from your earlier self by taking care of awkward posts before they inflict damage.
  • No shame. Even as adults, we still love our stickers. For showing off startup logos, standing out from the crowd, or to simply have fun, laptop stickers rock. Here are some keepers to shine atop all of those glowing apples out there.


Startup Tips & Trends

  • There’s a reason why cold calling and cold outreach are called such, and not hot – they give people on both ends of the exchange the chills! Turn up the heat already, and discover a better way to grow a sales funnel.
  • “What would a VC think about this?” is a question that crosses startup founders’ minds often. Well, here’s an app that lets entrepreneurs ask away and get answers straight from the venture capitalists.
  • Every company would like to understand customers’ behavior and figure out how to gather actionable data without breaking the bank. If you’d rather not think “survey” ever again, here’s another way you can Ncrease your knowledge and insights.


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